First Post: Looking to the Past to See the Future

G. Edward Griffin
G. Edward Griffin
G. Edward Griffin – a man ahead of his time.

What is “good enough” to be my first post?  Well, if I’m honest, nothing of my own.  Instead, I give you the thing that has most wowed me in the last few months.

More Deadly Than War:  The Communist Revolution in America

I’m sure that stills from this “motion picture”, and the video itself, have been used mockingly by smart young people of the left, for decades, as they conformed to the teachings of their Marxist and lefty-influenced teachers in academia.  It has that laughable quality which recalls movies like “Reefer Madness”.  And yet, if you simply listen to it, you will note that it has a disturbing prescience.  What this man predicts – eerily – is happening now, or has happened between then and now.

Having read a much more recent book with this same quality – Paul Kengor’s biography of Frank Marshall Davis, “The Communist” – I am already very familiar with the tactics of the communist left as used against black America, and how those tactics were implemented in the early days of the black civil rights movement.  It is now very, very clear that this is where the Soviets placed most of their substantial efforts to undermine America.  The apparent inactivity of the communists after they killed John F. Kennedy was just that – apparent.  Like termites, the communists had found the distressed, unprotected wood in the foundations of America, and with their number one nemesis gone, they became busy little buggers.

The riots in Ferguson, Missouri, the outrageously truth-allergic response of our anemic press, and the counterproductive actions of the federal government, which seem to actually increase tensions, are much easier to understand in light of Griffin’s remarks.  I could summarize his understanding of our current predicament for you, but I won’t.  You need to view his lecture, and hear for yourself how he predicts everything that is happening with the Obama administration.

I mean it.  EVERYTHING.

There is good news, and bad news, in what Griffin has to tell us.  The good news is that we’re going to finally defeat Marxism.  The bad news is that it will come with a high price.  True, Griffin could be wrong.  But as a betting man who never bets for money – only for good – I have to say that I think this guy is calling the 4 horses correctly.

Get ready.


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