Twitter – Leaning Left In The IT Stack

Simply had to get this out there for folks.  I’m sure lots of people have noticed, but I’m betting there are some real headlines in this, for an enterprising journalist with some IT friends, a calculator, and the willingness to create a bunch of fresh Twitter accounts from a shoebox full of burner phones.

Short version – the Twitter Mobile sign-up process and subsequent account-building algorithms are designed to move people to the left, and make it difficult to link up to the right.

TL;DR version…..

As I was creating a new Twitter mobile account, I was finding it very, very hard to follow the people I wanted to follow – like Matt Drudge and the Drudge Report.  To begin with, the process tried to get me to follow people who were apparently friends of the previous owner of the phone number.  Not only was that a bit creepy – it was fairly hard to get out of the process.  There seemed to be no way to simply use the “Find Friends” function to get my Drudge sirens back online.

I ended up circling back around and trying to find Drudge again – this time using “Browse Categories”.  There is no “Politics”.  The closest thing is “Government” – a gag-inducing set of links to all the creepy organizations that I hear from daily through their mainstream media mouthpieces – Obama – the UN – EPA – whatever.  So I took a look above and below that – “Faith and Religion” and “Social Good” look exactly like these things would look from Berkeley.

Sorry – I still wanted my Drudge.  How about news?  Sorry – not to be found in “News”.  The closest I could get in News was Fox News, and for pure /sarc there was The Onion, but otherwise “News” was all the usual suspects like NPR and MSN – plus approved party-hacks-turned-talking-heads like George Stephanopoulos.  Yes – there was Megyn Kelly and Shep Smith, but when the only suggested commentators on the right are a gay and a woman – well – there’s even a message in that.  And talk about outnumbered – there’s one for the calculator.

There seemed to be no way to add my usual set of unapproved friends in the “Add Friends” functionality.  No mechanism for searching – for even hinting at who I was looking for.  Giving up on any path there, I eventually found the bare-bones search feature.  THAT gave me a small but crucial back door.

Surprisingly, searches for “drudge”, drudged up a lot of muck.  Yes, Matt Drudge was in there, as was the Drudge Report, but I was surprised by how they were not anywhere near the top items coming back.  Only later, after I added them, did they seem to rise up in results.  Honestly, that can’t be right in this world.  “Drudge Report” should be the number one choice in “News” – not the 5th or 6th answer when you do a vanilla search on “drudge”.  And what was the filler surrounding the results?  Sure looked like some kind of cyber version of the “Fairness Doctrine” to me.  Sneers and jabs at Drudge were being high-ranked right up there with Drudge Report itself – or even higher.

Ditto “malkin”.  Surely Michelle Malkin is one of THE most desired retrievals when a new Twitter user types “malkin” while building friends.  But again – NO.  Not only was she well below the top retrieval – there were plenty of critical posts about her, both above and below that result.

The nature of those posts was SMART.  Here is where I get to the meat and potatoes of my argument (Michelle Obama’s menu be damned).

Any conservative on the web is sadly familiar with the Cass Sunstein trolls who infect our boards.  Thanks to Snowden and Greenwald, we know that the American government has basically contracted out its propaganda arm to a bunch of leftist organizations and paid media hacks, to say nothing of the in-house defenders of deep and dark government secrets who do their best to disrupt boards that might be leaning too heavily on criminals like the soon-to-be-former AG, Eric Holder.

Thus, you know what kind of arguments these people use.  Clever things – lies, mis-directions, and “opposition research” designed not to tell the truth, but to wean away support for any opposition to Obama.  Played against conservatives, they are often things that would call into question the conservative credentials of the person – things to create doubts, rather than to paint a true picture.

THOSE were the posts that were being used to surround the one link I wanted – the Michelle Malkin “Follow” button.  For instance, there were a bunch of posts that were critical of her for having criticized people who called Obama a “muslim”.  Honestly, I have no idea if she ever said such a thing or why, but anybody who actually knows Michelle Malkin, knows that she is not exactly a friend of jihadists, OR people who defend Obama’s softness on Islamic extremism.  This is not the first time I’ve seen such posts, either.  There has been, over the years, a concerted effort to marginalize Michelle Malkin.  It’s subtle, but I really think it has to do with her “double-whammy” status as an Asian and a woman.  Her very existence is a real threat to the Democrat narratives on race and sex.  Asian women are probably one of the top leaks in the Democrat tank, as they look at Obama’s party destroying the better life they and their parents had planned in America.

I could go on, but no.  Not able to donate my time.  I have to do a bunch of work this weekend, because in Obama’s economy, if you don’t have a second job, you have the equivalent of a second job, trying to keep the first one afloat.

But still, now you know.  Twitter IT is in the tank for the Democrats and Obama.  And pot.  Oh, yeah.  I leave that one as an exercise for the reader.

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