T.R.U.M.P. – The Revolution Underlying Media Psychosis

As soon as reports of Dylann Roof’s murderous rampage started coming in, I knew one thing for sure.   If the psychotic shooter wasn’t a “hanger-on” at The Last Refuge, a.k.a. Conservative Treehouse – the next one would be.  Too much truth has poured out between the media’s fingers on that blog, for it to go unnoticed.  From blowing apart the Trayvon narrative, while the media dissembled before delusional and financially aspirational black motherhood, to describing the exact truth of “gentle giant” Mike Brown, WEEKS before the media got there, CTH has earned a reputation for fearlessly doing a job that John Podesta’s “psychotic” media refuses to do – to risk being called racist in the pursuit of simple, basic, cub-reporter truth.

The media surely followed Roof to every end of the racist internet that they could, but they made sure – right up top – to link him to as many sites with the word “conservative” in them as they could.  Indeed.  How odd, when so many other well-known racist sites would be that much more salacious – more media-friendly, in their outrageous names.  But why link him to places like “Stormfront”, when the real target is somewhat lower in the media’s sniper scope?

But that’s not the story today.  It’s just one that the enemies of truth would love to pin on CTH, before it destroys their lying Marxist narrative ONE, MORE, TIME.

No – the real story is that the truth isn’t just out there – it is in us.  And now, it’s exploding across the electorate in ways that make those of us with no voice until now – the dispossessed and abandoned – marvel.

Everybody has a theory about Donald Trump, but it was Sundance, the proprietor of CTH, who was one of the first to realize that Trump had the power to set us free.  Free of what? – you might ask.  Ah.  Gotcha.  That is “the test”.  If you know what I’m talking about, even if only by a feeling in your gut, then you get Trump.  If you can’t for the life of you understand what I mean, then you’re unlikely to ever understand.  That’s OK.  Not everybody in 1776 got the revolutionaries, either.  However, what I am going to say may nevertheless be comforting.  Because I’m going to explain Bernie Sanders, too, and there is a good chance that you may like him – and possibly even understand his message.

Trump is not, by any means, a dyed-in-the-wool conservative.  He’s a bit of a latecomer, and probably more of a right-centrist than a real conservative.  You probably understand that – the old left-right axis, updated as needed to apply to current politics.  The left-right axis is a tool that we all use, but it is absolutely useless to describe what is going on now.

Thankfully, most of us have been educated before Common Core came along, with its confusing attempts to teach one person’s quirky thought processes to millions of kids who, in large measure, can see multiple easier ways to do things, including the old standard methods.  We realize that adding a simply Y axis to an X axis can show us some very interesting things – like a football field, or a baseball diamond.

Add a Y axis to the old Left-Right, and call it Independence-Subservience.  That’s it.  I can show you everything you need to know about Donald Trump on a piece of graph paper.  And when I’m done, you’ll understand a whole lot more – about you, me, America, the media, and why a nutter media driving too fast toward globalization causes societal wrecks.

When the most obvious victims of open borders – conservatives – realized that uncontrolled immigration was an existential threat to conservatism, they didn’t realize that it’s really just the flip side of uncontrolled trade being an existential threat to liberalism.  Dig a little deeper, and you can even see ways that both uncontrolled things are a threat to us all – all the way across the political spectrum.  Yes – they are an opportunity, for sure.  But too much of a good thing is almost always a bad thing, and we have sadly, by now, many times vindicated the critics of open borders and unlimited trade, as being at least partially right, in the eyes of most Americans.  When liberals moan about NAFTA and conservatives agree under their breath, you know you’ve reached peak trade-crazy.  Although I would say that passing SECRET LAWS is, if anything, the height of trade-crazy.  Patrick Henry would be shooting at our leaders over that one.  If I am sure of nothing else, it is that.

Why?  Why are we doing such things which so obviously harm Americans and the American way, be they liberal, conservative, black or white?  WHY?

It doesn’t matter.

I repeat.  It doesn’t matter.

I don’t need to go into the excuses, the theories, or even the conspiracy theories.  I don’t need to explain our “leaders”, who have been rolling us down this dark, mad course toward an increasingly tenuous and unstable end.  It doesn’t matter why they’re doing it.  It only matters that we stop them.

I don’t have to define WHO we are independent of, or subservient to, to graph our response, or to equate it to something highly dangerous, but very, very, graphable.  How WE – the test particles, behave in the field is enough to define it.

In fact, I don’t even have to use a graph.  I can just use words, and say WHERE on the graph something resides.

Trump is on the center-right of the X axis.  Bernie Sanders is on the far left of the X axis.  BOTH of them are slightly above center on the Y axis, toward Independence.

The fact that the entire media and governing class is upset at two guys for being slightly above center on the Independence axis, is truly shocking, but not exactly unexpected.  The media – which by and large thinks Americans are horrible rubes who actually need to BE more like foreigners – cannot be reasonably expected to be close to the center.  And they’re not.  They’re down in the lower left corner, although Fox News sits in a large void, fairly right of the Y axis, and “alternative media” balances out the voids everywhere.  Only local news, roughly resembling the news of the ’60’s, sits dead center on X, although somewhat below center on Y.

The psychosis of the major media is this.  They pretend that their viewpoint is the center of America.  They have convinced themselves that not only are they the center of intellectual thought, but that they are even the rightful center of America.  It is this HAL-2000-like conflict that is driving them nuts.  They do what they do, but they cannot equate the response they get, with their position on the graph.  Why aren’t people listening?  Why?  Why?

The governing class are scattered everywhere under the X axis.  Very few of them are above it.  They have come to accept certain ideas as being “global” and “realistic”, yet they don’t quite know how to convince Americans of the rightness of their views, which look increasingly odd to us, the American citizens.  And the situation just gets worse, because when half-baked and un-baked foreigners come into the country legally or illegally, THEY seem reasonable to the governing class.  But then, perversely, the longer immigrants stay here, the more they begin to think like all the rest of the people who invested in America with their entire lives.  Again – contributing to the psychosis of the media class.

The people are all over the map.  The trouble for the governing class, and their media and politically active allies, is that so many of the people at large are above the X axis.  In fact, there are probably enough of them to get Donald Trump elected.  And THAT is why we’re here.

Independence is a very broad term, but we know what it looks like.  It’s when Americans – meaning real people – not the governing class – decide stuff.  Voting – and voting honestly – helps.  The major media tries to change that story, but as we reject it, their psychosis grows.  In response, the media have become like drug pushers on this issue or that issue – “Everybody does it!  Trust us!”  And yet we can’t trust them, because they lie to us about so many things.

The media has become like the cheating spouse who wants us to bring their yoga teacher, Raoul, along on the honeymoon.  Uh – sorry.   The times we caught “Raoul” hiding Trayvon’s Facebook posts, lying about Darren Wilson in Ferguson, and “making space to destroy” in Baltimore were bad enough.  When Raoul asked us to sign secret papers, invite all his friends to live in the house, give Raoul our guns, and take the guns away from the police, while Raoul’s friends took pot-shots at cops – ahem – I think we’ve had QUITE enough of Raoul.

And don’t get me started about Barack Obama.

But now, for people who need simple, here’s simple.

We want to decide who comes into America.

We want to decide what the laws are.

We want the government to enforce the laws we decided.

We don’t want the government to tell us how the laws we decided work.

We don’t want the government to say “we can’t do it”, when even a child knows we can.

We don’t want lies.

We want the right to self-defense, but also streets and cities where we don’t need to use it.

We don’t want cops to be shot by criminals, nor those criminals glorified by race.

We don’t want inaction on things we decide.

We don’t want action on things we didn’t decide.

We don’t want to be convinced to take part in wars.

We don’t want to be told we can’t defend the innocent.

We don’t want to be told to shut up.

We don’t want to be told to listen, who to listen to, or who not to listen to.

We want free speech back.

We want freedom of religion back.

We want America back.

Most of all, we want what Donald Trump wants –

We want to make America great again.

And when we do that, by doing ALL of the things that make America great, on both the left and the right, then we will enable God to do the thing that only he has the power to do, and that only He has the power to judge done.

Make America good again.


  1. Thank you for the You here at play.
    I see here a person who is a friend existant, and I am you have entered the sphere of my awareness.
    I am less alone.
    May God’s Grace sustain our struggling humanity.

    Liked by 1 person

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