Andrew, Let Me Tell You, #WAR Is Hell

I posted the following today.  Within a day which was largely positive, I read about how the evil media, including Fox and CNN (which I now agree is Hitler), was conspiring to arrange the debates to stop Donald Trump.  I didn’t react too well to the details of what I read.  But, surprisingly, what I said was remarkably calm.  That’s actually the part that scares me.

Andrew Breitbart called me to #WAR, but I should have known.  #WAR is hell.  I still would have gone, even knowing how I feel now.  America is that important.  But I think I would have said goodbye to some part of me, that I knew was going to die, or perhaps just die again.

The captive media really is Hitler.  And I blame it for what it’s doing to America.

Well, back to the liberation.  Here’s a heaping helping of cold anger.


At this point, I don’t care. They hate us. We hate them. I’m quite fine with that state of things. These people reject me and my world – they despise me, and the things I believe in. I ask for nothing from them – not even to get out of my way, for I will walk around them.

I used to talk about cold anger when this started, wondering if I really knew what it was. Now, I try to remember what it was like not to feel cold anger. I’m not sure I can.

Will Trump win or lose the debates by their standards? I don’t care. I really don’t care. Trump, who speaks for me, is dead to Bill Kristol, who speaks for them. I say the feeling is mutual. Let them crow and crow that Trump lost. I don’t care. Their world of lies is dead to me.

I expect them to obey the laws we agreed to, and to not harm Mr. Trump. I expect them to let Mr. Trump assume the Presidency in the agreed manner, for we all know he will win any fair election. Should they fail to obey their own agreed laws, then I will take pleasure in what results, without guilt, for justice pleases me, and immediate justice conforming to higher law pleases me even more.

Will I tell them what results, since they so clearly do not know what they are doing, much less the future?

No. They are unworthy. And this is why they will vacate one way or another. These people who hate America, and Americans, are unworthy of the land, the people, and the flag they despise.


That was it.

We’ll see.  They say that with prayer, all things are possible.  So I’m gonna pray for this nation.  I would ask that everybody pray for this nation.  For those who refuse, I ask that you pray for the world, or whatever part of it you value.  Because in the end, you ain’t gonna have one, without the other.


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