Straight Lines and Crooked Hillarys

OMG – I can see the straight line!

So – “President” Obama sees a straight line between Sarah Palin and Donald Trump.

Let me back up a bit.

I think that one of the most outrageous things about our Poser President is the same thing that he and his Clinton co-conspirators have foisted upon American law enforcement – the idea of parallel construction.  Parallel construction – wherein the police concoct a false story to push people into plea bargaining, ostensibly so as not to reveal “sensitive methods”, is really just framing people by another name.  It is dishonesty snuck into the legal system – and too many of us are simply blind to the cancerous effect this has had.  We have glorified lying in the name of truth – basically, the ultimate primitive of communist thought and deed.

Fast forward to Obama claiming that he, in his alleged brilliance, sees some “straight line” between Sarah Palin and Donald Trump.

Sorry, Obama.  The reality is a rather crooked deconstruction, and despite all the blame-shifting in the world, YOU and especially YOU figure prominently along its path.

Here is what I said on Breitbart, when I first read Obama’s words.

Enjoy some angry truth.


I will say it right here – Go to hell, Obama!

Don’t play dumb with us, Obama. You KNEW that Sarah Palin was a false offering to conservatives, in a media-controlled election that was designed to put YOU in the White House. You also knew exactly what you were doing when YOU sent the DOJ and the IRS after the Tea Party, you communist filth.

What you DIDN’T KNOW was that Sarah Palin would realize she was USED by you sick bastards, played cynically by your POW-torture-controlled ringer who told her to stand down. What you DIDN’T KNOW is that she is smarter than you, and began a movement of outraged Americans who did indeed nominate Donald Trump to END your sick socialist state.

Oh, Obama – you sell us your lies – your parallel construction of reality, but we are no longer listening. We know you, we know what you know, and we know you know we know.



There is indeed a straight gradient from Sarah Palin to Donald Trump.  But the actual connecting path of history is a crooked one, created by an outraged America, fighting back against a corrupt axis of sneaky, lying socialists, who try and fail to thwart us at every turn.

Mark my words, Obama.  You can try to control justice.  You can try to evade justice.  But justice is coming for you, all the same, and it will not stop until your lies are subsumed by its truth.

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