GropeGate: Time Portal to a Saner Past


Update: This post was written before intrepid alt-journalism had almost completely debunked Trump’s accusers through a combination of witnesses and detective work.  It was also written before James O’Keefe had caught a different part of the Hillary dirty tricks operation on video, for planned provocations, crybully false accusations, and violence against Trump supporters at Trump rallies.  Indeed, one witness recalls Trump behaving very properly as his primary accuser – now a Hillary minion of some kind – put the heavy hit on HIM.  LOL.  Best election ever!  Anyway, the unedited text follows, because the arguments are still good.  And the payout even better.  Carlos Slim’s wallet is gonna be rather slim when this is over.

OK.  This may take some explaining.  Especially since the above picture is only half-way back through the time portal of which I speak.

There are stories now – which will make absolutely no difference in how I’m going to vote – which accuse Donald Trump of acting like it was the 1970’s, during the 1970’s.  Or maybe it was the 1980’s.  One of those.  Not sure I want to re-open the bird-pooped pages of the New York Times to find out.

Anyway, it appears that Trump pawed at women.  Back when guys pawed at women.  And back when – if you looked like Trump – women pawed at guys.

You know, I think the left had a name for it.  “Sexual revolution”?  Maybe that was it.  Something like that.  We were supposed to be “liberated”.  Yeah.  That’s the word.

So – I have to be honest – all this “grope talk” is doing for me, is to exonerate Donald Trump, and possibly raise his pedestal of manly awesomeness even higher, if that is actually possible.

Why?  Well, it has me remembering the awesome days before PC. Back when I was young, thin, good looking, and had amazing hair.

Specifically, it reminds me of that era in the late sixties through the seventies, and into the 80’s, when PC was actually a joke.  “Political correctness” was considered such an Orwellian idea, that one simply had to laugh.  It would never, actually, happen.  Right?

Anyway, I don’t really want to spell out all things romantic in GORY detail, but I think each of us would do well to remember what dating, courtship, romance and lovemaking were like, back then.

Come on – they’re good memories.  Bring ’em back!

Bring back the sideburns, the polyester suits, the huge cuffs and wide ties, the big hair or the long, ironed hair, the bell-bottom jeans and T-shirts, and all the rest.  The clogs, the platforms, the plastic boots and maybe even the butt-ugly waffle-stompers.

I sure remember those days, when men were supposed to, not necessarily be aggressive, but at least show some uninvited interest.  Because if you didn’t – as the girls then would whisper in hushed giggles – “something was wrong”.  Indeed, I was accused more than once by women of being too gentlemanly. Only one of my friends was ever routinely considered too aggressive.

So what does this mean for Trump?  Why does this matter?

It’s very simple. No matter what the facts in any of these cases happen to be, those facts need to be judged within their OWN time frame – and NOT by the somewhat psychotic PC standards of the modern left.

For example, I know that, as a boy back then – sneaking looks at Playboy Magazine when we could – most of us would have thought that a rich jet-setter “putting the moves” on a woman in an airplane was something like a tale from Mount Olympus.


Remember also that there was much drinking and smoking on planes back then.  They were almost like bars in the sky. A completely different world.

Are you enjoying the past?

TOO DAMN BAD.  It’s back to the Obama present, featuring Hillary.


BAM.  We’re back.

So – what have we learned, now that we’ve seen the ghosts of romance past?

Brace yourselves, snowflakes.

I strongly suspect that if Mr. Trump ever met any of these ladies, the facts of the cases are remarkably different from what is being presented to fit today’s political narrative.

Two words: Lena Dunham.

Lena Dunham is the very embodiment of the conflation of past experience with modern social justice narrative. Thoroughly debunked by Nolte at Breitbart, she ended up having to walk back nearly all of her already ambiguous rape claim.  And remember – she didn’t even have the time portal differential working against her story, as the Trump accusers do.

And in the same way that Lena Dunham would have been taken to the cleaners by “Barry’s” lawyers, had he sued, I expect that Donald Trump is going to take these ladies and the Times to the bank for a hefty withdrawal.

This is the risk of not remembering what things were actually like, back before people like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama ruined them.

Those who don’t remember the past, are not only destined to repeat it under cross-examination on the witness stand – they may have to pay for it, too.



    1. Yes, that was a great decade! None of the self-conscious self-censorship of the last decade or two. Guys were free to be a cad or a gent, and it was all good. The big-hair styles looked amazing on women, and guys cleaned up after the disco era. There was just a lot of freedom.

      Love to watch the videos and old shows from back then. Sometimes they make me roll my eyes, but there was something good back then – some part of it – and I hope that whatever it was, it makes a YUGE comeback with MAGA!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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