The Untouchables Must Rise Again


Folks, it’s time.

At long last, it is time to utterly and – if needed – at GUNPOINT – end the corruption which has taken over the government of the United States of America.

It’s like Donald Trump says.  We have to get tough.

Very tough.

Hillary Clinton – the Ma Barker of globalist corruption – threatens to expand “Dirty Barack” Obama’s scandalous Chicago-style administration into a new and extremely dangerous criminal enterprise.  Wikileaks has exposed lie after lie, as scofflaw Hillary Clinton commits crimes which make the Watergate family of scandals PALE in comparison.  She has lied to Congress, destroyed evidence, and obstructed justice over, and over, and over again.

But wait.  It gets worse.

Crooked Hillary Clinton, with the crooked assistance of Crooked Loretta Lynch, and now, it appears, with the crooked assistance of her crooked donor, Crooked James Comey, subverted the FBI investigation into her crimes.

OK.  So the criminals in Washington have subverted the very top of the FBI.  Could ANYTHING be worse?

Yes.  It gets worse.

We now learn that over a half-million dollars – maybe a million and a half – went from Hillary Clinton’s notorious bag-man, Terry McAuliffe, to the wife of the the Deputy Director of the FBI, in the form of shady donations to her campaign for public office.

Exactly the kind of corruption which was expected when the establishment Republicans stepped aside, letting well-known Hillary goon McAuliffe beat prosecutor Ken Cuccinelli for the Virginia governorship.

I repeat.  This monster bribe went right below Crooked Director Jim Comey, to Crooked Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

The Deputy Director of the FBI who – it just happens – was leading the investigation of Hillary Clinton and her illegal, subversive, and possibly treasonous email server.

This is a level of corruption which is – very bluntly – intolerable by even casually honest people.  The FBI itself is now utterly tainted – possibly beyond any form of immediate repair.

I am thus calling on Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie, and Michael Flynn – as the likely President and top law enforcement officials of the Trump administration – to not only appoint special prosecutors as needed, but to do something even more important.


In the name of all patriots and decent Americans I have ever known, of all political stripes, I call on Donald Trump to re-create The Untouchables.  A group of men and women, inside law enforcement and beyond, who are utterly incorruptible.  Men and women who would burn every worldly possession they have – who would renounce every friendship and even their own kin – rather than tell a lie.  Men and women sworn to defend only three things –




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