Moonbat Anatomy 101: Tracto chelseax


This post is a comment made on THIS ARTICLE on Breitbart.

Chelsea Handler Won’t Interview Melania Trump: ‘She Can Barely Speak English’


And so it begins.


This began as a way-too-long comment on Breitbart.  I’m blogging it here and now as a kind of preservation for posterity.  Some little tidbit for future historians to ponder, as they try to figure out how an attempted Marxist take-down of America, unlike the one in Germany which failed into Hitler, failed into Donald J. Trump, one of the greatest patriots America has ever known.

What I describe here – the anatomy of a moonbat pseudo-non-moonbat influencer, used to steer American society – is the result of years of observation.  Thankfully, what took me a long time to figure out, can be put to use by others in seconds.  So here you go.



Most people haven’t heard of Chelsea Handler.  That’s OK.  The people she’s supposed to influence were sucked into paying attention to her years ago.  I was almost one of them, but I always thought that something seemed “off” with her.  Fake.

Fake news.  Fake polls.  Fake conservatives.

I’ve observed this broad with great curiosity since that time – since her somewhat magical appearance on the scene.

Chelsea Handler (oy vey, what a name) is – as far as I can tell – just another social change pusher from Psy-Op Central. These women are now incredibly easy to spot, and I’m going to tell you how to do it. This one was exactly the same – Chelsea Who The Heck Is That? – when they first foisted her upon America, and with exactly the current use in mind.

The cultural Marxists use these people like oars or paddles, to drive and steer the American public toward their progressive utopia.

When the enemedia/Hollyweird complex (can you say Chuck-n-Spawn Schumer?) originally “introduced” Chelsea Handler, she was a fake conservative comic, much in the same sense that Liz Mair, Amanda Carpenter, and S.E. Cupp are fake conservative commentators.  Too hip by half, too applauded by the very enemies of conservatism who promote them, they almost define false flag.  Fake as a three dollar bill.

THAT is the oar going into the water.

THEN the fake conservative chick becomes edgy in some way that attracts eyeballs, but conforms with the cultural Marxist “new normal”, like using a lot of vulgarity, being ridiculously confrontational onscreen, or having easy sex and talking / leaving trails.  They attract in the schmoes and hook ’em good.

“Look! A kinda hot blonde conservative chick who hooks up, talks about getting loaded, and swears like a sailor.”

They generate extra points by raising her above the smarter and more straight-laces blondes going on the talk shows.

THAT is the oar turning against the direction of flow.

THEN, when the time is right, she goes full libtard in some critical way for the greater commie cause, while still alleging to not be one.  Note all of these women’s increasingly dubious and sometimes fully deluded claims to be Republicans or independents.  Finally, the trained moonbat performs a direct attack on whatever the cultural Marxists fear and loathe.

THAT is the oar moving, trying to propel America leftward.

  • Amanda Carpenter against Trump.
  • Liz Mair against Trump.
  • S.E. Cupp against Trump.
  • Chelsea Handler against Trump.


The pattern is always the same. Watch for it.

The sooner you spot ’em, the easier it is to spot the next one. They’re expendable, too. Once they trash their own credibility, they’re either laid low to regain credibility if possible, or just chucked into the “what ever happened to” bin.

Handler (gotta love that joke) was almost a goner, but my, oh my, how she accidentally came back so bigly against Trump. What a coinkydink!

The beauty of the whole scheme is that the person being used may or may not fully understand their role.  When they say “useful idiot”, they are often talking about these people.  Indeed it’s the people around them, and people two or three phone calls away, managing the situation, who have a clue what’s actually going on.

No matter what, you had better believe that George Soros’ ill-gotten money moves Chelsea Handler around like a Raggedy Ann doll, with a lot of help on the ground.

Trust me.  These women are as real as a pre-stressed pair of mom jeans.




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