Cult of Marx

This video is the best – and I mean THE BEST – description of modern cultural Marxism that I have ever seen.  I’m just stunned.   If you have not seen this, you MUST watch this video.  Take the time – it’s worth it.

Paul Joseph Watson has done a huge service to the free world by pointing out the very simple ways in which cultural Marxism is intentionally destroying our culture.  This video will almost certainly point out NEW ways in which it does this, of which you were blissfully unaware.

What we do about this – THAT is for another time.  It’s important to keep this simple.  Just watch this video, and think.  Take a few weeks.  SEE if you, too, can spot new examples of cultural Marxism, damaging the society around you.

Remember – defeating cultural Marxism isn’t going to be a destination.

It’s a journey.



  1. Yes, he is absolutely right and if they will continue dimming out population, it’s opens it’s door to the Islam, because they slamming door on decency. After the debauchery next step would be to install very strict rules and since they hate Judeo-Christian values and defend Islam they will turn to that cult.

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  2. I’m late on the “take”. I just started following you and I must say, after watching this video I know how Aeneas must have felt when he accompanied the Sibly Deiphobe to the underworld. I immediately forwarded this to my only grandchild. He is an “old soul” from birth. Now 15yrs old and sees what others do not. We can only hope.


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