History Teaches

This post was made on The Conservative Treehouse by poster History Teaches on February 9, 2017, in relation to this attack on Ivanka Trump.

I have presented it here verbatim.


The cultural civil war has been fermenting and simmering for decades. Trump’s election has rocked the complacent world of those invested in the most radical of liberal world views. With near complete control of the media and educational system the narrative was barely challenged.

Even when the GOP were in power they largely deferred to mainstream pop cultural movements, afraid of being ridiculed and too cowardly to fight back. Not to mention all the uniparty connections that were kept hidden as much as possible.

They didn’t see, or preferred to ignore the signs of disgust shown by the Tea Party movement and the reason the midterms were so decisive. When pushed came to shove, the GOP revealed they were part of the crooked status quo orchestrated by the globalists.

Every day now literally is a war of values, beliefs, ideas. From personal and social behavior to business conduct to the ethical grounds of science and education to matters of the Spirit.

The pendulum has swung so far to the left that much of the world is dysfunctional, stupid and pacified with empty platitudes and juvenile distractions. All intentional objectives of a globalist agenda.

Trump was as unlikely a person as could have been imagined to lead a counter movement, but heroes often emerge in unexpected ways. It is so gratifying seeing him move forward, taking all the abuse, trickery and opposition in stride. The left has rarely faced a Republican they couldn’t shame, intimidate or neutralize. Trump is an opponent from another planet to them.

The war will continue every day, but I think that in a few months Trump will have whipped them so badly that they will break into factions and fight amongst themselves. The courts are really their only hope of slowing the movement and a full Trump team exposure and counter attack will deflate much of that hope.


  1. our hundred year cycle from abstract theory to avante garde, to bitter quarrels of academic sets, to matriculated students, armed with the fixed purpose and narrow knowledge unique to militants, who shape public policy and inflicted on folk culture. We are now in the critique and synthesis stage. And thus we suffer for our dynamic, regenerative western intellectual heritage. Marx with the industrial age almost gave us a knock out punch, and he’s definitely overstayed his welcome.
    💜. semper fidelis

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