On Syria, Trump, and The Treehouse

This post was in response to fellow Treeper Blade, who pointed out in this post, that we are now in a dangerous time, thanks to fundamental disagreements about responsibility for a chemical weapons attack in Syria.  President Trump and Secretary Tillerson seem to be certain that Bashir Assad is responsible, while many of us believe the event is contrived, misinterpreted, or even a hoax.  Many Treepers are voicing “concern”, but not all such voices are honest.  We are indeed at a strange juncture.  It is in that context, as a response to Blade, that I wrote the following.


Thank you. This is where I’m at. I’m not actually “concerned”, in that I do trust Trump, but as you say, trust can be lost, and there are people who WANT Trump to lose that trust, and they KNOW how to achieve that.

I repeat. There are people who WANT Trump to lose our trust, and I REFUSE.

Some of them – a few of the people who want us to stop trusting Trump – are true outsiders seeking damage – not those loyal supporters who are merely “concerned”.  You will know those outsiders when they declare “That’s it – I’m finished with Trump.” But those are not the most dangerous. The most dangerous will be Trump’s new friends.

The UniParty is full of that type. They break trust by getting their quarry to forget promises to others.

They will praise, praise, praise when the mark takes a loan from a little old lady to win big at their tables, but they will walk the mark FAR, FAR away from the little old lady, whose twenty they promised to double, when the time comes to pay her back.

I’m very familiar with this type of criminal. Sometimes, they even look like saints. They get a person to “put off” the action that restores trust – typically with lots and lots of success that makes it all look worth it. But the small thing – the tiny thing – the promised thing that restores trust – OH, they will make sure that never happens.

That is how they begin. After that, every step gets easier.

America was founded on the idea of justice for criminals – straight out of the Bible. People who don’t deserve justice at all, should get justice fit for kings, if we learned our lessons properly. Better to let ten criminals off as innocent, than to convict one innocent person falsely. Thus, even if Assad is brought down by all manner of truths, we cannot help bring him down by even one falsehood, added to the scales.

That is all I’m saying. That is all we can ask. That Assad get the same justice from us, that George Zimmerman did, and that Zimmerman was almost deprived of. Even if Assad is ousted righteously, it must not be for a lie.

NO SOCIAL JUSTICE HOAXES, even against the most rotten dictator on the planet. If we accept even one, the Treehouse will sit on rotten roots. THE ENEMY KNOWS THIS. They bring us down, that way, too.

We must find the truth about Assad. The UniParty will not do it. Deep State won’t do it. And we know why. They’ve found their wedge.

So what now?

Patience. Trust. Trust in Trump. But I will not let go of the search for truth.

HOWEVER, I think it is up to Sundance how to deal with that as a community issue. I respect that we had to set aside many branches (like Jessica) when it came time to accept priorities and support Trump into the White House. So if we have to let Syria go to the back burner, or elsewhere, or keep it only to its proper threads, I accept that, too. I don’t want to let it be a divisive issue here. The Treehouse is too important. We have to give Trump the support he needs and deserves. THAT is the most important thing.

Sorry for letting it all spill out like that, but I think it’s important for me to state that, for purposes of healing.


  1. I don’t normally worry about divisiveness over there or anywhere else very much, everyone gots an opinion. The only thing that bothers me at all is the kneejerk defense, not of Trump, but the action. People are clueless to what is Constitutional anymore. I remember almost exactly 20 years ago when we were watching and live blogging during the Clinton Wag The Dog aspirin factory takedown, seeing the anti-war (D)ummycrats at other sites suddenly become warhawks and rationalizing everything Slick Willie did. We see a lot of that tonight. A lot. A real lot.

    Ironically those so-called “defenders” of President Trump are exactly duplicating the (D)ummycrat comments of 20 years past. Just change the names and dates and they are dead-on. And they refuse to see not only the parallel, but also the difference. And it is that difference that troubles me the most. They are the same because there is no declaration of war ( obviously ) and no Congressional war powers authorization. They are different because on is Bill Clinton ( or Bush43 ) and the other is the man most hated by the uniparty … DJT. The difference is crucial, one is too big to fail, the other too big to succeed.

    Also ironic is that some of those knee-jerk defenders calling the disappointed commenters “trolls”, couldn’t recognize a troll tonight if it bit them in the ass. Think about it. Tonight, #NeverTrumpers like Soros, McCain, Kristol, Graham, Sasse, Rubio, Kasich, FioRINO and the rest are cheering, not expressing disappointment! Those defenders calling others “trolls” are literally allied with #NeverTrumpers tonite. The disappointed commenters are the folks who are entirely consistent as always.

    The problem is Trump lost his righteousness today. What he did is even less strictly legal than either Iraq war or Afghanistan. At least Bush43 had Congressional authorization and of course the ( Constitutionally meaningless ) UN resolution that took 14 months of argument. Trump went on likely tainted info that was mere hours old and was wildly gaslighted by the neocon madmen all day previously. Syria is an actual country, he bombed it, if he can do that he can do it anywhere. Anywhere there are dead babies apparently. ( cue Alice Cooper ).

    Trump has one clear unconstitutional act on his resume. Stupid. Utterly Stupid. Let’s hope that the Congress doesn’t do to him what they did to Bush41 and hypocritically backstab him at re-election. After the Gulf War Bush had 90% approval ratings and then George Mitchell and Tom Foley roped him into an infamous tax hike with a wonderful photo op and show of unity. Then they proceeded to beat him mercilessly for the 1992 campaign year until he lost with just 38% of the vote to Slick Willie. What can this Congress do? well, anything it wants including impeachment. And they would have a very good case with unauthorized military action regardless if the Gang of 8 gave him a thumbs up or not.

    This is precisely because Iraq is different than Syria. We had a ceasefire with Iraq since the Gulf War and Saddam actually fired on us, often. Trump has no fallback. They got him dead to rights if they want him. But they probably won’t because it is far more useful keeping that Sword of Damocles dangling over his head.

    So, the damage is done. The neocons have successfully managed to drag Trump into operating extra-Constitutionally and in the process, lit a smoldering fire of discontent under a sizeable portion of his core. His knee-jerk defenders forget he got elected not through the usual (R)+(C) alliance, but by (D) +(I) crossovers in the purple states of FL, NC, OH, IA, PA, MI, WI, IN. Contrary to what the uber-defenders are saying, Trump CANNOT afford to lose *any* of them. It remains to be seen if this first mistake is forgotten in the years to come.

    I’m just waiting now for the expected 17-agency sign-off on the “Sarin Gas Attack” … or was it Chlorine?

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    1. Interesting to see where this goes. I’ll just say that. I could end up agreeing with you, if this is the beginning of something. But if the jihadists think that “Hey – we have Trump on our team now. Every time we put CW in a Syrian target, Assad gets a beat-down by Trump” – well, there we go.


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