Trump Gravity

There is a metaphor I have consistently used to explain both Candidate Trump and President Trump – the idea of Trump gravity.  I found that it was possible to explain much of the movement of voters during the primaries by likening Trump to the planet Jupiter, albeit with both a strange gravity and an extremely dynamic trajectory.

It took sundance of The Last Refuge to see that the analogy becomes both complete and self-explanatory if we include Businessman Trump.


Trump was always a TITAN of the business world.  THIS explains how Donald J. Trump went on to become a JOVIAN candidate, and is now a SOLAR President.  The extreme, society-changing powers of such men are not unexpected, and while Trump seemed able to mask his full ability and great potential for a long time, eventually, he chose NOT TO.

Hillary Clinton, who fronts for the monstrous black hole of George Soros, knows about such things.  It was clear that her intense interest in whether Trump would run, came from her expectation that Trump would be a most powerful opponent.  The thing she did NOT expect, however, was that TRUMP GRAVITY is able to change the very nature of political space and time.  THAT is quite intriguing, but we will leave discussion of the specific nature of Trump gravity for another time.

At a certain point, under intensifying pressure from neocons to ignite a war in Syria, Trump gave us some remarkable chess moves, showing he was actually well ahead of EVERYBODY on the Middle East.  However, many posters were shaken up, including me.  Nevertheless, I soon settled back on “Planet Trump”, and pondered what the heck just happened.


That is when my comment emerged.  I made a rather lengthy defense of Trump to another Treeper, but I didn’t quite see the big picture.  Sundance saw how to properly frame my thoughts, and then turned them into one of the favorite posts of many of my fellow Treepers.

Since it is sometimes hard to find old posts on the Treehouse, I have been asked to reproduce it here, several times.  I finally decided to do it.

HERE is the link to the original comment.

HERE is the link to sundance’s historic framing of my comment.

President Trump’s 360 Degree Adversaries, and He’s Got Them Surrounded…

Oh, my. Let’s not even THINK about the weirdness of Trump Geometry! 😎

And HERE is the comment itself.  Thank you, and God Bless!


Well, I don’t really have to do any holding together, now that I figured out what Trump is up to.  He is shaking things out, but counting on Trump gravity to pull things back together as he moves along.  He is moving “forward” at speeds Obama could not even dream of.

You and I will be anti-Trump trolls one day and MAGA heroes the next.  Get used to it. Trump speed is the new normal.  Some will call it flip-flopping, but that’s not what it is.  Trump is dodging and weaving through reality faster than the reality can react to disrupt his plans.

I was explaining this to my wife.  This is a roller-coaster now.  Trump is no longer waiting for people to keep up.  He is taking his bewildering art-of-the-deal campaign schtick into geopolitics, and for a lot of people who can’t keep up or hold on, it will be a rough ride.

Trump is no longer playing only with evil and cunning players who are still predictable, easily beatable dopes, like Hillary.  He is playing against killers, with his own team of killers, and all the while he has scheming creeps like Hillary, BGI, SPLC, and the neocons gunning for him.  Snake Ryan ready to bite when nobody is looking.  “Warhead” McCain screaming for Russian blood.  Psycho Kim and Samoa Obama plotting some kind of intrigue to take him down.  And THOSE are the lightweights.

This is the majors now.  Trump has to outwit world-class adversaries and “frenemies” by defining the deals that they will agree to.  One minute they will think Trump is their friend – the next minute, a cunning, bitter foe.  And he has to do this with evil cheerleaders like Warhead, Linderace, Dipsy Dowd, Maggie Haterman, and Fake Yapper trashing him or praising him alternately, no matter which way he goes.  They can’t keep up, either.

Neither can many around him.  I think that half of the problem with advisers crashing into each other is they don’t realize what Trump is doing.

And people will trash you, and they will trash me.  Get used to it.  I’ve already caught plenty of people mocking me.  Well, just wait a week in Trump time.  Look stupid and conned by Trump one minute, and you look like a sage three days later.

Trump will not find perfect solutions.  He will find OPTIMAL solutions.  We cannot ask for more.  Trump has stood by and watched Perfect murder Good for 8 years – maybe longer.  He’s not gonna do it.  He’s going to deliver the best outcome possible, and he’s not waiting for us to feel relaxed about it.

Best presidency ever!  Just hang on.  More winning is coming, but a lot of people are going to scream that it’s all over at EVERY turn.

The best way through this is to define viewpoints, not people, because people will shift as they change position and velocity in Trump gravity.  Bash the neocon, warmonger, and dopey globalist positions – not the people who are going to hold them one moment and come loose from them later.  Trump is Jupiter moving through the asteroid belt.  He is going to pull people into his orbit.  A few will get slung off into space, but most will come along for the ride of their lives.

I am ON the Trump Train for good, even if I scream that I want off and can’t take it.  In the end, I only want to scream “TOO MUCH WINNING!!!” 😀


….”And we will win, and you will win, and we will keep on winning… Believe me. And we will win so much, you will get tired of winning; and you will say: please Mr. Trump, we can’t take all of this winning… And I will say to you, NO. …We will win more, and we will keep winning,.. and we will win, and we will keep on winning…. I love you”…

President Donald Trump


A special thanks to sundance for not just posting this comment, but for his surrounding commentary, and the amazing GIF that us Treepers love so much.  As they say, the most important thing a writer can have, is a great editor. 😀



And now – let us go forth – and MAGA.



      1. Was? Brother this has been the ride of my life, You have one of the most AMAZING treehouses on the fucking internet.This site has it all, TOP NOTCH writers and the most AMAZING commenters anywhere in the world.
        I thank God everyday for this place, YOU own this and that makes this place the bomb.
        We’re all in this to win it, aint a damn thing gonna stop us,NOT A DAMN THING !!!!
        LOVE YALL I am gonna go see if the daily thread is up yet.PS never stop what your doing, this movement needs you and it needs all of us.


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