DESTROYING The Million New Obamas


when Barack Hussein Obama talked about creating “a million young Obamas“?

I sure do.  How could one NOT remember something so HORRIFIC – when just ONE Obama nearly DESTROYED AMERICA?


What Obama said about “young idealistic people” coming up to him – wanting to change the world – needing to be networked and empowered – that may all very well be true.

But that is not the plan.  Not the REAL one.

That is not the REAL PLAN for a million young Obamas.

I am about to explain to you what Obama REALLY MEANT, and HOW TO STOP IT.



The “million young Obamas” incident was in a sit-down discussion that the very CUNNING Obama gave to the innocent Japanese people – who THANKFULLY have a very sharp, TRUMP-LEVEL leader in Shinzo Abe.

A leader who the Japanese had best, for their own sake, hang onto BIGLY.


Here is Obama’s actual speech, but don’t listen to it now.  Not yet.

There is also a GREAT analysis of Obama’s speech, by a couple of pundits joining Lou Dobbs on Fox News.  Again, don’t listen to it yet.

In this speech, Obama delivered more of the usual Obama mind-frack NLP propaganda.  NLP stands for “neuro-linguistic programming” – a kind of hypnotic speech that people can be trained to use as an AID to PERSUASION.  It is extraordinarily useful in politics.


You will note that – per Wikipedia – NLP has been “discredited”.  What this really means in Soviet-corrupted American FAKE SCIENCE is that NLP is OFFICIALLY DISCREDITED, in the usual way that alpha and beta projects against us (MKUltra, Mockingbird, LifeLog) are declared “officially dead” at the moment that the PRODUCTION VERSION goes live (psycho shooter program, CNN, Facebook).

I’m quite sure the KGB-CIA calls NLP something else now, but trust me, they are using it, because every one of these KGB-CIA-connected sketchies who pop up as political offerings is diagnostically more convincing as a speaker than they SHOULD BE, based on normal criteria.

We were ON FIRE spotting this garbage during the election.  It was DIVINE.  We spotted people who were 90% good and 10% tainted, and we THREW THEM OUT with the Bush Baby and Cankles.  We knew.  We could SPOT IT.  But it was HARD.

I really liked this woman.  I still do.  But once I knew she had done odd jobs for KGB-CIA, and realized she was manipulating me hugely, I knew she had to go.  She did.  She just had to go.  We could NOT afford Cankles Clowns in the White House.


If you ever want to be able to HEAR NLP mind-frack in a scary way so that it jumps right out at you, just listen to Obama buddie Robert Runcie using it – JUST LIKE OBAMA – maybe even better – and you will know exactly what it is.

That is the BEST THING – to be able to HEAR THE MANIPULATION and have it hit you in the gut.  THAT is how to NOT LISTEN TO IT – to NOT LET IT MANIPULATE YOU.


Getting back to Obama.  Wonderful, loyal, patriotic Obama.


Don’t let this JACKAMO – this CHARLATAN – this MARXIST HUCKSTER make you think that his REAL PLAN for “a million young Obamas” has anything to do with “young idealistic people of color” or any CRAP like that, because it doesn’t.

Why do I say that?

Because I know what his real plan is.

Obama’s real plan it the SAME PLAN that created him.  It has NOTHING to do with what he was telling the Japanese.  In CLASSIC Obama style, what you see is all DECEPTION.

The REAL OBAMA PLAN has nothing to do with empowering young people, idealists, or even people of color.  Maybe even ESPECIALLY people of color.  As you will see.


And I’m going to show you one.  Very gently.  In such a way that we find ALL of them.

None of the eggs can survive.  NONE OF THEM.  We have to burn them all.

Here we go.



To truly understand Obama, and what it took to create him – to have an INTUITIVE FEEL for the man – you really MUST read this book by Paul Kengor, just to get started.  You have to understand that Obama was a PAYLOAD of the Soviet Russian and Soviet American communists.  You heard me right.  SOVIET AMERICAN.

There is NOT a lot of good information about Obama’s mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, but what there is, shows that Davis conforms to most of the usual patterns of black communists in America during the time he was alive.  Black communists now – both the open and the sneaker varieties – are a bit different in 2018.  They look like “Tide Pod Corey” and Deray McKesson.  But Davis is in many ways typical of his time.  He was the Carl Dix of his era.

Here is a great admission Davis made – mostly because he was getting old and senile – about how he helped other communists get into government.  Notice how Davis TRIES to be sneaky here, behind the calculated admission.  He tries to make it sound like what he did would be so very obvious that our people would have detected what he was doing.  You can hear the gears of deception SLOWLY GRINDING. His MISTAKE was to let them grind AT ALL at his age.


The fact is, somebody like Davis would have to be extremely cunning to NOT JUST get communists past the people who were watching out for them, but to SEND THE RIGHT SIGNALS to the embedded communists in CIA and FBI, that OBAMA WAS THEIR GUY, and that they NEEDED OBAMA TO FLY PAST ALL THE RED FLAGS.

I’m sure that if Davis’ statements about Obama haven’t been destroyed, they are a WEALTH of information about how to downplay a security risk of the HIGHEST order and the HIGHEST concern to Moscow.  Davis had to LULL some people on Obama, but he also had to send signs to the RIGHT PEOPLE that Obama was their red-carpet guy.

My guess here is that Davis used EXTREMELY convincing means – fake bona fides of the most elaborate and persistent construction – to show disappointment in Obama – to convince White Hats in Washington that Obama was a purely self-centered, inauthentic, and ultimately “safe for government” SELL-OUT.  But at the same time, by the absolutely most secure routes, Davis also convinced Moscow that Obama was THE REAL DEAL.

We do know this.  By 1992, the signal that Obama was the real deal had been sent to MOSCOW.


The point that I want to make here is that it takes WORK to create a new Obama.  It is NOT EASY to construct an extreme security risk that FLIES PAST all the wickets.  So to begin with, the one-million figure is BOGUS.  It’s ALINSKY SCARE TACTICS.

NO WAY – even if they weren’t lying.  The one million are WANNABE OBAMAS – the FOOLS who will go out and collect signatures and agitate and then vote for the REAL OBAMAS.

The REAL Obamas?  There will be many, and many different kinds.  Just like Terminators.  They are trying ALL KINDS OF THINGS.  But there will not be THAT MANY.  The Soviet Democrats simply can’t afford the DEEP investment in TRUE Obamas.

“Obamas” are NOT Deray McKessons, who are ultimately unelectable because they SAY what they BELIEVE.  Nor are they Cory Bookers, who hide it well, but not well enough.

New Obamas are people who believe things VERY DIFFERENT from what they say, or what we think they would say.

Here was a recent CHEAP ATTEMPT at a new Obama.  Thankfully, it FAILED.


The KGB-DNC literally spent MILLIONS trying to get this guy elected.  And look at him.  Georgetown University.  London School of Economics – which is like the Karl Marx School of Globalist Recruitment, second only to Rhodes Scholars.  Absolutely RIDICULOUS.

And they lost.

That is why they’re going with TOP SHELF OBAMAS.  Total sneakers.  KGB-CIA constructs.  The full clown works.

No matter what the New Young Obamas are – no matter how they DIFFER from what they say they are – the DIAGNOSTIC will be the HUGE DISCREPANCIES.

Watch for people whose ENTIRE LIVES seem like NLP – empty fluffy words and images – the “long waiting pauses” of glossy mailers – the big weird smiles that beg you to smile back against your own common sense – the feeling of SKETCHINESS to the whole thing.  And then some WEIRD FACTS jump out that don’t sound right.

Those are the people.

Oh – let me throw something in right here.  One of the best ways to spot these folks is their HEAVY reliance on KGB-CIA-Facebook.  YES – these people will all be CLOWN-DRIVEN assets who will be aided by that wretched Zuckerberg Clown Op called LifeLog whoops I mean McMuffinbook whoops I mean Facebook.  I’ve definitely spotted this.

You already KNOW how to do this – you just don’t trust your guts.  DO IT.  TRUST YOUR GUTS.

You see the kinda old-school, obviously MAGA, gun-owning, pro-life, NRA-supporting guy or gal who has a pretty nice website and then a SECONDARY operation on Facebook to keep up with the normal website.  You know – kinda like Trump.

THAT is the person you vote for.

But then you see the young fake conservative who really doesn’t HAVE anything conservative about him or her, but you HOPE they’re conservative, and maybe they ARE conservative (you hope), and they sure look very CLEAN-CUT and never mind the lack of endorsements, THEY’RE ALL OVER FACEBOOK AND FACEBOOK IS SO GREAT AND COME TO FACEBOOK!!!

THAT is the person you DON’T vote for.

These NLP-KGB-CIA new Obamas are going to be FAKE-FAKE-FAKE-FAKE-FAKEBOOK-DRIVEN, but very light on MAGA, no matter what they say.


Now – I could give you a VERY specific example, but I don’t really want to, for three reasons:

  1. #QAnon is teaching us to teach each other to THINK, not to have others do our thinking for us, so let’s THINK.  I will show you how I thought this out, but in a very general way that YOU can use.
  2. I want people to find MORE of these “alien eggs“.  I want to find ALL of them.  If I tell you who my example is, people will think this is all over.  No.  It ain’t over.  I found ONE of them, and that was WITH SOME HELP from a PAC, who outed some of the sketchy facts on this person.
  3. I’m not going to turn their SNEAKER into a VICTIM.  *WE THE PEOPLE* are the victims here.  WE are the people who are being DECEIVED.

But I WILL tell you how to NOT VOTE for their sneakers.  FIND SOMEBODY WHO IS OUTING THE SNEAKERS, and then DO THE MATH.

For example, a PAC sent me a MAILER that told me a CANDIDATE for STATE OFFICE has not only been a registered Democrat – they’ve VOTED Democrat – AND even worked for some leftist Democrat political organization.

Now – I needed to verify this – I don’t just believe everything I read.  This data is probably TRUE, but it may not be a CURRENT and COMPLETE PICTURE.  That is the usual way people LIE about past voting records.  And I have PLENTY of mailings from the candidate in question – WAY MORE than the other guy – so let’s take a look at them!

  • No MAGA endorsements
  • One ANTI-MAGA endorsement (TREEHOUSE HINT: “Caddyshack”!!!)
  • Lots of generic fluff
  • One super-sketchy deep state Clintonoid Haiti-to-Parkland OMG WTF mind-blower that seems to connect a lot of these weirdos and I can’t say what it is but my friend MMJJ is gonna know exactly what I’m talking about and why are all these people so interested in YOU KNOW WHAT and why are they all so concerned about enabling and facilitating and easing restrictions on YOU KNOW WHAT and why are they able to blackmail people like judges with almost every aspect of YOU KNOW WHAT and OMG there is no way on Earth I will EVER vote for this person now.  And I have to say that I really resent the way that various evil people – who do not necessarily include this person who is almost surely just a useful idiot on YOU KNOW WHAT but more likely includes people like Cankles and Huma – have corrupted YOU KNOW WHAT, because it’s almost like they’re preparing us for some horrifying brave new world where what should be the very loving kindness of YOU KNOW WHAT will have been TOTALLY CORRUPTED by the satanic ideas of OTHER STUFF and – OMG – I can’t even talk about this stuff, but ALL OF THIS seems to be about facilitating LEGAL HUMAN TRAFFICKING and did I say BRAVE NEW WORLD?  I think I did.

But then it gets worse.  This person is TOTALLY on the “carbon train”.  Suckin’ that global warming, subsidized energy, Solyndra-lovin’ Kool-aid.

And then it gets even worse when I find out that the person associates with ANOTHER very sketchy but older “goat-in-donkey clothing” type, who is almost like a (*shivers*) MENTOR.


Then I go to the STATE GOP to see what THEY think.  And this person – who is sending the BIG MAILINGS costing LOTS OF MONEY – that’s NOT the one they’re endorsing.

Instead, they’re endorsing somebody who SCREAMS MAGA, seems like a normal Republican, and who has endorsements from pro-gun and pro-life groups.

THIS is the point where I decide the obvious.  The sketchy person is a RINGER.

A very well-funded ringer.

And NOW things are making sense.  I am seeing the Democrats pouring RECORD money into our area right now – both the immediate area and the state.  LOTS of organization.  LOTS of signage – early and often.  And instead of promoting a young Libertarian in the general – a common Clinton trick which they HAVE done in this area – they put a RINGER into play in the PRIMARY.  Just hoping.  Maybe they get lucky.  Maybe they have a trick.

RINGERS are not the normal Democrat play in these parts, although there is ONE really big RINO nearby, who some people speculate might have been a ringer DECADES AGO.  I think that one was more of an opportunistic fence-sitter than a ringer.  but anyway….

Ringers are CLINTON and OBAMA stuff.  They are SOVIET.  There is BIG MONEY backing some BIG DECEPTION here.


Putin’s picture is no accident.  People are fools to think that Soviet socialism just dried up and blew away.  It didn’t DIE.  It METAMORPHOSED.  And then it SPREAD.

WE have to be careful.  THE SNAKE comes in a lot of forms.  We have to catch them early.


My recommendations are as follows:

  • If your state GOP is AT ALL MAGA, then listen to them.  My state GOP is always under suspicion, but yet they SPOTTED this sketchy CIA-backed Obama Ringer and backed the opponent.  This tells me that they are AWARE OF THE PROBLEM.
  • WARN people about ringers.  Spread the word about them.  The Soviet Dems are WORKING HARD to subvert the GOP now.  These are DANGEROUS TIMES.
  • Get to work for your MAGA candidate.  Yard signs, walking routes – WHATEVER.  But some of the most IMPORTANT candidates to WIN this time are the ones that STOP THE RINGERS.

Have faith.  We are going to WIN.  But we’re gonna have to FRY some DEMOMORPHS.






  1. Thank you Wolfman. I remember feeling horrified watching so many people I respected getting suckered by Obama in 2008. His linguistic techniques were pointed out to me as time went by, and then it all made sense. You know….once you “see” the sham, you can’t go back. I knew the sham man was trouble already. I was an undergraduate same Era as Bammy, same state. This political tripe was all the rage back then, rampaging through the University system, just like now. The problem being, they were true ideologues and they never grew out of it. They gained a foothold, and their long march continues. As does our forever fight for freedom.


  2. From the moment I first heard that man speak I was shuddering inside. not one damn word he ever once uttered was truthful except the statement he made about fundamentally transforming America. that frightened me ,because that was exactly what he set out to do.
    those 8 years were nothing but pure hell to me. I was never taken in by his off putting way of speaking. in fact most of what he said did not even compute with me .it was like an alien gobbledygook to me. and I knew whatever he was saying it was going to hurt US! I had my cable shut off ,stopped listening to radio too. needed peace and quiet to reflect upon life as it was ,I was battling cancer through those years so had lots of time to think about what happened to our wonderful way of life and our beliefs we held dear. then along came Mr. Trump! I had hope once more. I never have to hear that ex fake president again! and he can try from the background to harm us but he will not prevail not now not ever again!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’ve had to read this several times, such a helpful post. Would like to think I can spot these people but not always sure. Who they associate with and how they got into politics tells a lot. I also got fooled at first by Carly, thought she was interesting with a certain charm, but then I caught on. Hope I’m getting less naïve.

      Liked by 1 person

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