Treepers on Twitter and Gab

This is just going to be exactly what the title says – a list of Treepers (people at The Conservative Treehouse, aka The Last Refuge) who are on Twitter, Gab, or both.

If you can’t tell – we really like Gab, because they’re patriots and don’t do sneaky stuff.


This thing was just thrown together – the order is random for now, except for Sundance first and me next because I could remember it without looking it up.  After that, I just started digging for data.  Though Tom was the most recent person to suggest it, so he’s near the top, too.  Then I just started digging though my tweets and lists.

Please send a correction if something is wrong or changes, or you need to be added!


Sundance – @TheLastRefuge2 – not on Gab

wolfmoon1776 – @WOLFM00N – @WOLFM00N (watch for two zeroes)

blognificentbee – @BlognificentB – @BlognificentBee

Tom – @Free_Man_Tom – @Free_Man_Tom

Bluto – @FluffyDogAttack – @FluffyDogAttack

jimmyjack – @MyManJimmyJack – @MyManJimmyJack

Irving Two Smokes – @irvingtwosmokes – @irvingtwosmokes

wheatietoo – not on Twitter – @wheatietoo

fleporeblog – @Baba9773 – not on Gab

ginaswo – @ginaswo – @ginaswo

GracieLouDotCom – @gracieloudotcom – @gracieloudotcom

Ziiggii – @Ziiggii – @Ziiggii

H. H. – @Wyntre999 – not on Gab

Ma’iingankwe – not on Twitter – @maiingankwe01

NYGuy54 – not on Twitter – @NYGuy54

Joseph W. South – @SMTM2016 – @ShowMeTheMoney

Deborah – @UnTamedInSD – not on Gab

RedLegLeader – @ProfitSOUTH – @ProfitSOUTH

fuzzi – @fuzzipariah – @fuzzi

Mary from Marin – @MaryfromMarin – @MaryfromMarin

Fe – not on Twitter – @foltmanns

Blind Squirrel – @StanHjerleid – @BlindSquirrel

parteagirl – @KelemenCari – @KelemenCari

Tonawanda – @MishaMarionov – @Tonawanda

Spar Harmon – not on either, but

BuckeyeForTrump – @LowRoadTaken – not on Gab

ystathosgmailcom – @YStathos – @Prez45

citizen817 – @Citizen817 – @Citizen817

Mary (Mitchell) – not on Twitter – @theorangelady

Linda – @ljbruton – not on Gab

Trish in Southern Illinois – @trishcook19 – not on Gab

dobbsfan – @MartoMaga – not on Gab

joan and bill collins – not on Twitter – @flicka

BigMamaTEA – @BigMamaTEA – @BigMamaTEA

A. D. Everard – not on Twitter – @ADEverard

daughnworks247 – @Diana24724 – not on Gab

tyrannocankles – @Tyrannocankles – not on Gab

Artist – not on Twitter – @BestArtist

Bookiitty – @Boo04kty – @Boo04Kty

deepdivemaga – @dcliffb – @Cliffb

mcclainra – not on Twitter – @ramcclain

missilemom – @DanaBordeaux – @DanaBordeaux (no posts on Gab)

Fake Nametag – @FakeNametag – not on Gab

Tamara T Torontali – @tamaratoro – @SSItreeper

Phideaux – not on Twitter – @Phideaux

saywhat64 – @JimKerner – @WhooleyBully

sobriquet4u – @sellscrzy – @katybarthedoor

EvilWulf – not on Twitter – @EvilWulf

[LeeLeeMunster] – @leeleemunster – @leeleemunster – Backup Twitter: @leeleejay1818

WrightorWrongAl – @WrightorWrongAL – @WrightorWrongAl

hypnotique59 – not on Twitter – @hypnotique1959

Daybreaker8pt – @lisa_lonidier – @Daybreaker8pt

lilann2012 – @Lilann2012 – @lilann2012

stopislaminusa – @66andout – @2019andout

elize – @TessLHart – not sure if on Gab

yohio – yohiobaseball – yohiobaseball

JW in Germany – @JWinGermany – @JWinGermany

algwriter – @alg_author – @algwriter

Deplorable Patriot – not on Twitter – @FlyoverDeplorablePatriot







If you’re not listed, just comment below, or send me a tweet on Twitter or a post on Gab!

Thanks!  -Wolf




  1. Hel—-lo!!!???!!!! Wolf…..what’s with the 2 zeros?

    @BigMamaTEA , temp. banned on twitter – @BigMamaTEA on gab – Easy peasy!

    (I’ve had my gab account for two years, just playing with it a bit, now I’ll have to get serious about it! I am p.o.’d with the idjuts running the twitt.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Gotcha!!!

      Oh, I could NOT get the version with real “O”s in all three, so I used double-aught buckshot for the M00N! 😉

      Yeah, we have to get off Twitter – at least for the sensitive stuff. I have caught them doing ALL KINDS OF TRICKS on Twitter – it is GONE. Get on Gab – definitely the place to be!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Hey there stranger! I essentially captured & printed out all the gab help/how to stuff. Will study this weekend, and see if I can get it all figured out.

        I think, when scanning that stuff, that you can set up groups. I’ll see if I can figure it out, and set up a treeper territory or something. I’ll invite all who are on this list, and a few who aren’t that I’ve met on gab.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Wolfmoon – I wrote here yesterday but looks like I ended up in the spam bin (maybe because I put in links. Nevermind, WordPress is sometimes mysterious). My Gab username is ADEverard, no gaps or underscores.

    Thanks for keeping a place for me here. Cheers! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Hi Wolfmoon – I know you have seen me on the conservative tree house; but I don’t know what happened. I posted on the IG report being three different reports and suddenly all my posts were gone and when I tried to post again my posts would not process.

    Do you know why I might have been cut off. I have posted a lot there and never got in trouble before or received any kind of warning.

    If you have an answer please email me at — Thanks — Rick

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Rick! I avoid email like the plague, so replying here!

      All I can tell you is that there was a sudden influx of trolls and Ad Rem had to swat them FAST. It’s very easy to get caught up in such a thing.

      It may be a temporary ban, but you never know. See if you can get back in a week, or try emailing Sundance and explain that you got caught in a troll smack-down. Hope you can fix it! If not, then you can try returning under a new persona, but be careful if you do, to avoid contentious threads!


      1. Hi, Wolfmoon. Didn’t realize I was still being held up for approval by WordPress. Weird. I also don’t seem to be receiving notifications by email any more from your blog as I did at first. Thank you.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. If you’re not in the US, countries can play serious games with email notifications. You were approved, but now you aren’t. You may have to look in spam, too – that’s a trick that they play against “bad sites” – dump all notifications for bad sites there. And Microsoft simply TRASHES some notifications without even putting them in spam.


          1. I’m on the same old computer with Windows 7, though they still install updates to it, believe it or not. Only thing I can think of is I changed my user name on your site from singular to singularZoe. Maybe they don’t like that.

            Liked by 1 person

  4. @saskamare on BOTH Twitter and GAB. Has anyone tried out the new types of Twitter-style and/or Facebook-style apps? I’m pretty much DONE with FB but still love Twitter. I’ve been there since the Tea Party went to DC, 2009 or something like that. Been shadow-banned and outright banned but still come back!

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  5. Hello Wolfmoon. I am on Gab as GB_Bari. Want to join your Gab list. I am not very good at navigating Gab yet. Was never a Twitter user so the soiftware interface really confuses me (as do most social media software interfaces).

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Just found out from RedViper that I had two trolls take me out—They even bragged about it…
        Hint to Tweeter people if you have people with less than 50 followers heckling you block them immediately, especially if its less than 10.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. kinnorthwest been suspended for about 18 months now..
    Gracie got suspended middle of December…
    On both I am not sure why …Probably part of their plan to help the Democrats to wins…

    Liked by 1 person

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