Against the Dens of Iniquity

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

I will fear no evil,

for You are with me;

Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.

Psalm 23:4


There was a great disturbance in the Force this morning, as I saw this link in the Drudge Report (now archived):


I didn’t even have to go to the article to feel the PAIN – the ANGER – the OUTRAGE welling up inside of me.

The PAIN of my memories.

The ANGER at what was done to me and through me.

The OUTRAGE that they DARE to brazenly abuse our children again.

I immediately began to compose a response – to VOW not to let even one more child fall like a wounded rabbit into the deadly talons and ravenous beaks of the HAWKS and VULTURES who wait for them at Harvard and ALL other elite American universities.

I have some experience with these dens of iniquity, and it ain’t pretty.  The idea of seducing MORE Deplorables into one of these filthy communist TRAPS is not exactly pleasing to this Treeper.



And whoever welcomes a little child like this in My name welcomes Me.  

But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.

Woe to the world for the causes of sin.  These stumbling blocks must come, but woe to the man through whom they come!

Matthew 18:5-7


Before I even clicked on that Drudge link, I was instantly offended by the idea that HARVARD was going to recruit more Deplorables.

I wasn’t offended because that would be a BAD thing if more Deplorables went to Harvard – IN PRINCIPLE.

I mean, doesn’t it sound like a good thing?  For Harvard to STOP being biased against conservatives?  To LEARN how to TOLERATE us again?

No – it was because I know none of that will ever happen.  Because I know how DEADLY it is to send your kid to an elite school.  They don’t bring us Deplorable types there for any good reasons other than to USE US or CONVERT US. We are no better than Indian kids taken off the res and thrown into government schools to these people.

Think about it.  First it was the Indians’ turn.  Now it’s the Cowboys.

However – as it turns out – we don’t need to be afraid of MORE Deplorables going to Harvard.


Turns out the Drudge headline was totally WRONG.

What’s up with that?  Is he even writing his one-liners any more?  Has Drudge been OBAMATIZED?  Does he have a MOLE?

I mean TOTALLY wrong.  The article doesn’t say what Drudge reported at all.  Indeed, it’s actually FAR WORSE.

The Harvard leftists are doing this CHINA-STYLE – the way CHINA is dealing with the problem of the hinterlands resisting their progressive tyranny.

Harvard – SJW bastion Harvard – doesn’t want any more Deplorables coming THERE and ruining the ambiance of their interminable progressivism.  OH, NO.

Harvard wants to “reach out” to Flyover Land (Michigan in particular) and COLLABORATE – which in real terms mean it wants to begin spreading its INFECTION to Michigan, and in my humble opinion to begin SUCKING OUT the lifeblood of INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY and INNOVATION.

In my opinion, they OFFER NOTHING and TAKE EVERYTHING.

They offer TRINKETS and TAKE THE LAND right out from under us, gaining CONTROL of it.

And eventually, of course, doing the same to places other than just Michigan.

Harvard doesn’t want to CHANGE.  It wants to CHANGE OUR MINDS ABOUT HARVARD.

I am not kidding.  Read the article if you don’t believe me.

Like I always say, watch the hands, not the lips.




Outward-looking?  Yeah.  With GREEDY EYES.

Here is the link to the article itself, in the Boston Globe.

Here is the money quote from the article – the REAL story:

In a bid to win over middle America, Bacow is venturing into Trump country and plans to visit Pontiac, Mich., a once-thriving automobile city that has fallen on hard times. Bacow, who grew up in Pontiac, plans to announce that Harvard will collaborate with schools and other institutions in that community.

Win over?  It sounds like MACRON wheedling and whining to get his way.

And here is a quote from Bacow HIMSELF that tells you everything you need to know about his perspective:

“The world has changed,” Bacow said. “We are well-represented already along the coasts. I’m not sure people in the part of the country where I grew up appreciate as much what institutions like this contribute to their welfare as well.”

Oh, we understand DAMN WELL what you’ve done.

Then read the rest of the article.  It’s PR, folks.  And I don’t for a moment believe that the PR is any more than a FRONT for DIRECT ACTION against us.

They want Harvard to insinuate itself into Middle America – NOT for Middle America to gain any influence in counter to the progressive, globalist, anti-American INSANITY at HARVARD.

READ what this guy really does – or DOESN’T DO – about freedom of speech.  WATCH THE HANDS, NOT THE LIPS.

In his interview last week, Bacow declined to weigh in on Harvard’s decision this year to bar students who participate in single-gender clubs from taking on leadership positions and qualifying for prestigious fellowships.

Trust me, it gets worse.

Judging from the article, Harvard’s interest in improving the free speech climate only works one way.  Harvard is having “free speech” regrets along the lines of wringing their two left hands over CHELSEA MANNING’S DISINVITATION – which was ironically at the behest of the same fake, progressive KGB-CIA that created her.


Will Harvard be letting MILO in?  HA!  Only if there is some kind of LEFTIST NARRATIVE PURPOSE in doing so, in my opinion.


I have a better theory of what is going on here.

Here are my predictions.  Harvard – joined-at-the-hip-to-the-CIA Harvard – will do the following, as a CONDUIT for the KGB-CIA into Flyover universities and corporations.

  • Continue and even accelerate the tamping down of conservative voices
  • Remove restraints on LEFTIST speech advocating violence
  • Enter into coercive agreements with Flyover universities to
    • Spread their poisonous leftist ideology
    • Steal the WEALTH of the MAGA midwest
    • CREATE more opportunity for CHICOM IP theft
  • Spread cultural Marxism into the hinterlands
  • Require onerous “diversity” policies in collaborations, which are in fact:
    • anti-diverse
    • politically manipulative
    • inhibiting to real innovation
  • USE collaborations to FEND OFF accusations of admission bias
  • Try to turn Michigan back to a reliable BLUE vote for 2020
  • Insert KGB-CIA operatives and plots into Midwestern universities to:
    • Hook up with communist-controlled unions
    • Gain leverage over universities via numerous lawfare methods
    • (the latter including ENGINEERED ACCIDENTS (see FIU bridge))
    • Control their administrations
    • Control student organizations (including aid to VOTER FRAUD)
    • Foment leftist political unrest
  • Pull top students AWAY for KGB-CIA recruitment and indoctrination

Obviously I don’t trust these people as far as they can be thrown, or the Planck distance, whichever is smaller.

My advice?  Play hardball with these ####ers.  DO NOT trust them for a second.

How about THESE items?

  • Harvard assumes 100% liability for all negative outcomes on collaborations.
  • Nothing belongs to Harvard – everything to Flyover
  • Harvard gets ZERO ACCESS to Flyover IT systems

SAVOR each DEAL-KILLER ITEM – particularly items number 1 and 3 – and ask yourself WHY?

You starting to see where I’m going?  Treat these people like the ENEMY, because they ARE.  Personally, I think ANY collaboration with these leftist progzis and their buddy KGB-CIA faction is utterly dangerous.

Look at #Parkland.  If you handed out subpoenas to everybody who has an Ivy League degree, from Obama to Runcie, you would pretty much beat Huber to the punch.

How did THAT “Harvard collaboration” in #Parkland or #Trayvon’s school district work out?  How did the “Promise Program” help Florida, and the school districts that worked with these Harvard hell-spawn?  If you note that Harvard diplomas were POISON for Broward County, you can see why I’m saying KEEP THESE JOKERS THE H377 AWAY.

Remember – socialism NEEDS other people’s money.  And Harvard is RUNNING DRY.

They’re not coming to HELP.  Trust me on that one.  They’re coming to HELP THEMSELVES – to another stolen piece of MAGA.

Oh – and I’m just getting started with the Poison Ivy League.  But that’s enough for now.

Dismantle your progzi, alien, globalist, sell-out, thought prison, Harvard.  THEN we’ll talk.


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