Planting The Q Tree

I’ve decided to create a “safe space” for Treepers to discuss Q – one that cannot be weaponized by the enemies of MAGA.

Here you go, fellow Treepers who are also Q followers:

May I suggest going to the welcome post first:

Many of the comments and replies express the rationale and anticipated nature of the site.  We will basically observe the same Treehouse rules that have promoted decorum there.  “Treehouse rules, but focus will be on Q”.



Wolf Moon escaping Deep State’s reeducation camp, after meeting up with the Treeper underground.  Wonderful French covfefe to be served shortly.  Ah, yes.  Coffee, a paper, a sunny day, and a good hat.  The only way to make it better is seeing the words “President Trump” in the headlines.



    1. Great to see you!

      I was banned from there, along with most of the people here, because we commented about Q on this site.

      There are several theories as to why we were banned., but the bottom line is that it helped to build this site, so in the long run it was a good thing! 😀

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      1. Are you saying that CTH banned you because you started up this Q site – that really has nothing to do with CTH? Are other Treepers who looked forward to your comments and believe Q is the real thing also banned from CTH if they comment here about Q – even if they no longer talk about Q on CTH?

        Does that mean neither you nor Flep are allowed to comment on CTH?


          1. Ummm…. Been a Q follower for about a year and a half. Also discovered CTH and realized that talk of Q was not welcome. So….. What’s the deal here? Trying to figure out what your inclinations are. Seems like there are some excellent bloggers. Clue me in!!!

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          1. Wolf, I hope someday soon you and the rest of the treepers will be able to comment once again on CTH. Miss you all. It’s as if a family has been split over an issue – which is common place in biological families as well. Perhaps when all is resolved we will know whether Q is authentic or not.

            I am disturbed about some remarks Q made about Cardinal Pell, who was set up for the sex abuse charges. There are very evil men in the Catholic Church’s hierarchy – which unfortunately, may include the Pope. However, Cardinal Pell is not one of them. Just as PDJT is not what the left claim him to be. I am following developments in the Catholic Church closely – and look askance at a couple of things Q has said about key figures. So, I look forward to the day, when we will know about Q’s authenicity. In the meantime, God speed to you and all the former CTH treepers.

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      2. Wolf, just wanted to say ‘hello’ and let you know that patrickhenrycensored over at CTH announced some unfortunate news this afternoon over on the open thread. It seems he has had spinal cancer and has been advised three to five months. Just thought you would want to lnow.

        Not exactly sure why so many stopped posting or were banned but we all miss you…all the best to you. Trying to find Sylvia.

        If you know where she can be reached, please send along. I was hoping to tell her myself but if you do, it would be appreciated.

        Fondly, WSB

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        1. WSB, so sorry to hear about patrickhenrycensored. I will try and reply if I see any comments of his; his wordpress site has been deleted.

          I have added him to my daily list of people that I pray for…the number of CTH treepers on that list is growing.

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          1. Thank you for getting back to me. can you ascertain when that account was closed?

            Patrick has been posting daily on CTH until just two days ago…we are of course concerned.

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              1. Yes! Doing great! I just found an old response to you in moderation on my “other” blog, and liked both posts!

                Things are good – enjoying “Mueller Time” as the warm-up act for “Sun Tzu Apprentice”, coming soon! 😉

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              2. I too! Looking forward to a table or two turned, or the entire thing burned to the ground.

                I so miss our late night chats, and I still do not understand the entire incident at CTH but will check in with you from time to time!

                Not sure if you have read but Mueller ‘left’ a cell phone behind during his oval office interview with PT. Just cannnot believe the lengths, however money and sin are heavy!

                Have a blessed Easter, Wolf!

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              3. Thanks!!! You, too! And yes – I just read Sundance’s article – this answers a LOT of questions.

                I have believed that the Cankles Cabal hoped that Trump might “back down” and accept Mueller as his “monitor” in FBI, since even though Mueller was technically ineligible for FBI-D, the fact of the matter is that Obama had set a precedent, and it is very likely that the whole UniParty would have approved 4 more years of Mueller with special legislation. NO PROBLEM. So there was, IMO, some legitimacy to that meeting.

                The fact is, however, that the meeting would also provide many opportunities to create evidence supporting the idea of “obstruction” if Trump took any missteps, so thus it is clear why the Cabal would want to record it. And now we know who “wore a wire” – it was Mueller, who left his wire THERE.

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              4. Yes, indeed, Wolf.

                I wonder if PT will be able to crack this tidbit. It was a big deal, as I think about it now…especially that Mueller already had a conflict with his history at PT’s Palm Beach golf club.

                Interviewing the President of the United States under a fraudulent investigation…the entire episode is diabolical.

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            1. Sorry, WSB. His wordpress account was closed at the time of my posting the comment above. i.e. on March 4. That confused me, as he posted comments on CTH since then, and I was able to let him know that he is on my daily prayer list…and he upvoted me.

              I am not social media savvy. I had clicked on his avatar, which led me to an account with the information that account was deleted.

              I too, have not seen him on CTH in the last few days. I truly hope we will get news of him.

              God bless

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  1. Whhhooooaaa! Banned from CTH?! I do not comment as often because the quality of the comment section is not what it used to be at CTH…I guess because many have come here.

    I have my own theories. Something seemed to have changed around the time Sundance and Bill Mitchell had a couple of confrontations.

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      1. Wolf, I really have no idea what happened at CTH.

        Have been reading some of the comments above, but what?

        It seemed to me that SD wanted to have direct research that had been typical since he started, and then the Q responses did not fit into that format.

        Would love to know! And so nice to correspond with you, Wolf!


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        1. Thanks!

          Yes – the idea of taking Q stuff in any kind of authoritative way conflicts rather fundamentally with SD’s approach. I can see why he would find it a distraction.

          I also think that Q-centered blogs and sites are going to be banned, when the left goes into its “final flails”, as some of their leaders are indicted for various crimes. It will be better for SD to NOT be associated with it.

          So – I don’t blame Sundance. I think this has worked out rather nicely for everybody, actually. I miss many of the people at CTH, as do most of the folks here, but I think it’s just a natural progression of things.

          Be careful about posting too much here – you might get banned at CTH. This is particularly true if visitors from CTH begin sympathizing with the people here and start dissing Sundance. They get banned in short order.

          Someday we may find out the whole story on what was going on. Until then, I presume that SD had good reasons for what he did, and I’m OK with it. We’re all still working for MAGA – I’m happy with that. 😀

          Cheers! -Wolf

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          1. Cheers, yes, I understand and thank you for being you…a very wonderful mentor as I have admired for a few years.

            I hope that you can communicate with patrickhenrycensored whenever you can. He would be thrilled. Obviously devastated about his prognosis.

            Best wishes, Wolf!


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  2. Oh, my, somehow I found this, now I understand. I know my comment didn’t post yesterday on that open thread, Wolf, and it’s just as well. I don’t know if this will either, but if not, please give my love to everyone, you, too, Wolf, I remember being up late and ‘talking” with you, too. I had always wondered if you were in Ohio, like me. I have no way of messaging anyone, I’m not on social media. If you get my alter-email through this post, you could contact me there. I miss you all. As I said, I don’t get on CTH very much as I’ve been preoccupied with my father since before the midterms and his health problems. He’s now in a memory care facility and I go there often. I didn’t know all that happened, now I know. I don’t understand how SD could do this, though. And as I’ve said, I’ve argued about Q and Sessions as well but didn’t think it would come to this. Is that really Georgia/Fl posting here under GL/FL? I am glad she is okay, always wondered where she went. She was very nice (I think she is a she!) but I know one time I was very blunt about Sessions once, and didn’t see her around not long after.

    I don’t get on CTH hardly and don’t comment much these days, maybe that will change, but now I’ve got my dad’s house I need to work on selling among other things, too. That’s if this place doesn’t kick him out and I have to live with him again. I try to at least read through the articles every few days. Now I will try to read on here when I can, too. I will miss Flep’s numbers, as I said, he helped lessened my anxiety during the election and I know I will be freaking out again so I hope to find those here when things get going, if he will be doing that again. I will miss seeing Sylvia’s shovel. A lot of “familiar faces” here. Now I know why my comment didn’t post the other night on CTH asking where some of you all have been, and if I was just missing your posts since I’m not on there as much. You all were too prolific to have missed at that point.

    I am also very saddened by Patrick Henry’s condition. I saw him posting yesterday on that thread, hope he is able to go back and forth.

    I hope someday we can all get past this. I miss you guys. Best to you all.

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    1. Hi Kaco – NO worries! I don’t remember any conflict with you over JBS.

      In reality – I was too adamant and rude to those who pointed out PDJT’s frustration with Sessions – especially to Howie. Hope you can forgive me.

      Sorry to hear about your Dad. I also have a family member with a disability and that is why I spent too much time on CTH focusing on politics and venting my feelings.

      Wolfie’s blog is very different – W and the other authors actually interact with us and allow disagreement (if we are respectful, friendly, civil and not abusive). It’s like a family. A real refuge.

      Take care!


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      1. Hi, GA/FL!

        Thanks for your post. It’s good to “see” you again, and like I had said, know you are well and good. Some of us had brought you up here and there, when I was an active poster on CTH, wondering how you were. And I did have regrets if I was too blunt about Sessions.

        Well, my father’s heart worsened in June and he passed away last month. I’ve been dealing with that and everything that follows. I only read through Sundance’s articles mainly, rarely comment. I don’t think people really remember me there, if I was even memorable before. I see a lot of new names mixed in, which is good, I suppose.

        I hadn’t had time to comment much on CTH but also, things that have been going on politically are just too upsetting to me lately, too. And I know they don’t like Debbie Downers or “concern trolls”. But starting to be uneasy about Barr and what seems like inaction again while the Left gets by with literally murder. And of course, the Left’s attack on American culture and traditions. I think I get as emotional about those things as a Leftie, except I’m on the correct side.

        Actually, I came on here, reading again about the FBI’s terrorism list, and had wanted to see how you guys are reacting to it. It is really upsetting and should be of more concern for everyone on the Right. I know they specifically mentioned Q Anon, too. I am really concerned about this and if they pass those “Red Flag Laws” for gun control. This is not good and I can’t believe the FBI put that out under this administration. And still no mention of Antifa while they attack ICE and other conservatives. It is really disgusting.

        Well, I will have to find your posting area, but I wanted to tell you first thank you for your kind post to me!

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  3. Hi Kaco! I just approved your post on the other blog! You are past Wolf’s Extreme Vetting! 😉

    Yes – GA/FL is here, and so are all the others. Please feel free to join the crowd, but if you do, you have to understand that there is some risk of being banned at CTH if you become too pro-Q or anti-Sundance – even “liking” such posts. I discourage dissing Sundance here, but many people who were banned are very sore about it, so I cannot in good conscience hinder their speech about such things, because The Q Tree IS (more or less) a free speech site. However, we have to be very careful about any jesting / angry / “blowing off steam” talk of violence against individuals that appears in any way to be potentially “real” – it’s a danger both to the movement AND to this blog staying open (and to me, personally, but that’s another story).

    So feel free to comment here if you like, but don’t crap on the Original Treehouse is my recommendation.

    Good to see you!!! 😀


  4. Hi, Wolf, and thank you! I just got back from working at my dad’s house this weekend. His property was a wet soggy mess but we had to mow what we could. He is up here near me, though.

    I can’t “like” anything, I’ve never been registered on WordPress. But you won’t hear me being pro-Q either. But I wouldn’t want to bring that argument here.

    I don’t want to upset the apple-cart, but I do miss seeing all you guys. This country is not out of the woods. I’m glad everyone is okay.

    After Sessions was fired, I had a lot of built up frustration and resentment about the whole mess as beneath my anger at Sessions, I had hoped I was wrong about him. Although my gut kept telling me something was rotten the whole time waiting and seeing his people being picked off and ruined. And I think I remember being argumentative about Q with a couple of your posters here, too, the day Sessions was fired.. I think it was Scott and JW. I think lot of damage was done to the Administration, waiting for Sessions and Huber, and basically being told to be quiet and wait, don’t demand for a second special counsel or no protesting the DOJ. It’s all being taken care of behind the scenes so stop being negative or doubtful. It’s not just Q, and I’m not really talking about Q here either. To be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to the Q thing, but I felt more strung along with the Sessions/Huber/IG thing all that summer before the IG report. Well, the evidence was there, but Wray dismissed it and Sessions leaving stuck a fork in it.

    POTUS is the only one I really trust in DC, everything he is doing is for us and our country. But I am one who thinks he can be vulnerable due to the amount of corruption, and he is not completely infallible against the evil-doers. I pray God keeps him in His protection. If that Will Chamberlain article is correct, now we see how perilous it all really was for him, the last year the SC trying to entrap him into the obstruction case they tried to build for either prosecution or impeachment.

    On a lighter note, I have some hope something will be done now, especially seeing POTUS saying he will, now that he is released from that impediment. I have some hope with Barr, but trying not to get them too high, the harder the crash, like last time. But there is some optimism. And of course, POTUS has gotten as much as he can do for this country despite being hamstrung by Mueller and the uniparty. I keep praying for the evil being rooted out and justice served. We have to or we won’t have a country. I also have this hope of the old adage we’ve been conditioned with, “Crime doesn’t pay” and the good guys will win. But I think it really comes down to God’s Will whether good or evil will triumph, the evidence is all there. I pray God sees the good still in this country and grants us a reprieve, just like He did on election night of ’16. I think of all our POTUS has withstood, no one else could have done it and come out as well, strong, and energized as he is. God did, indeed, bless him and us with his leadership. Like SD has quoted, “He fights.”

    Well, this was more than I intended but I hope it explains my thoughts at the time and ongoing.

    I wish the Q thing hadn’t driven us all apart. You all contributed a great deal to CTH. Sundance even quoted you frequently- the “roller coaster ride”. I guess we won’t see that again.

    Maybe I’ll just come by and say hello once in a while or just be comforted reading now that I know you are all active here. I don’t have any grudges with those here, and I would hope for forgiveness for my harshness about certain subjects with some people here. We all have the same goals- MAGA.

    I really haven’t been posting much at CTH, it may wax and wane, it all depends on what is going on with me and my family. I’m hoping things will start to slow down. It would be nice to have some stability.

    Take care, Wolf, my best to all of you here. I am glad you’re all well and good and active. It’s very nice to “talk” with you again.

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    1. Good talking with you Kaco – I appreciate all you said here. Best wishes to you and your family, and hope you do get some relief.

      And I mean it – stop by any time! 😀


      1. Thanks so much, Wolf!

        I might be a fish out of water with the Q thing, but again, no debates on this site about it! 😉 Perhaps you could test the waters and let me know. If anyone says, “No, thanks!”, I’ll understand! At any rate, please give them my best regardless and let them know they have been missed! 🙂

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        1. I did let one of your posts go through on the Q TRee site – you should be able to post there now. Not sure if anybody responded, but you’re welcome to post on the current daily thread. I’m sure more people would be excited than would hold a grudge. We’re kinda like that! 😀 😉


  5. Ummm…. Been a Q follower for about a year and a half. Also discovered CTH and realized that talk of Q was not welcome. So….. What’s the deal here? Trying to figure out what your inclinations are. Seems like there are some excellent bloggers. Clue me in!!!

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    1. P.S. I’m a pretty reasonable sort of Q person. Mostly MAGA and though I went down the scary stuff for a minute, I had to do a big old cry and prayer. We didn’t know! Can’t dwell on it. We have God’s power! Let’s win

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  6. P.S. I’m a pretty reasonable sort of Q person. Mostly MAGA and though I went down the scary stuff for a minute, I had to do a big old cry and prayer. We didn’t know! Can’t dwell on it. We have God’s power! Let’s win

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  7. Really liked The Conservative Treehouse, but Sundance had no patience with anything. Involving Q….Kicked us to the curb. I didn’t understand why he wouldn’t even consider… I’ve been following Q for 3 years of so. More that I followed independent investigative journalists They cut to the chase and dove into what is really happening.

    I know things.

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