How Hillary Turned Tech Against Trump


Many people will not believe this post immediately.

That’s fine with me.  Some things need to age a bit – like fine wine, a first-edition book, or a painting.  So the picture I’m going to paint may seem fantastic now, but once these things – bits of which I have seen first-hand from the inside – unfold in the media, it will all make sense.



So where do I begin?

Well, let’s start at the end – at the moment I realized exactly how Hillary Clinton and her allies turned American tech companies and organizations not only against Donald J. Trump, but against me and my fellow Trump supporters.

I was watching a video by a group of hidden-camera whistle-blowers called “Project Veritas“.  This is the organization founded by James O’Keefe.


That video was in fact the second in a series of rather revealing hidden camera interviews with employees of the well-known tech giant Twitter.

Here are the first two videos.  HOWEVER – I would like to ask you to NOT watch them yet.

First Video: Extensive Comments by Twitter’s Chief of Security


Second Video: Comments by Multiple Twitter Engineers


Both of these videos are designed to show the political bias of the employees of Twitter.  They do an excellent job of that.  When you watch them, you will see.  There is a very casual bias against conservatives, President Trump, Trump supporters, and “rednecks”, which is very evident in comments by these Twitter employees.

Sure, it’s selective video – the worst prompted moments – highly edited to present the juicy stuff.  The leftist bias of the employees is concentrated – distilled, even.  For all we know, it’s a complete mischaracterization of these people (although I’m certain it’s not).

Doesn’t matter.  The point I’m about to make is totally independent of the totality.

First, I noticed something very curious.  Almost every single one of these engineers – except the top level white liberal male – is an immigrant of some kind.  They all speak with accents, and most of them seem to be from India or Pakistan.  Let’s just say it’s surprisingly “diverse” toward new immigrants.

Now, this is not unusual, given that “native” Americans in tech were largely replaced by cheaper H-1B programmers, or off-shoring companies physically located in India and China, or various other “global” solutions which management allegedly “had to do”.  More about that in a minute, but let’s just leave that for the time being.

Now, it’s important for you to realize that I was LAUGHING to hear these recent immigrants offering statements about “rednecks” and Trump supporters.

Why?  Because it was all so charmingly ignorant.  These guys might as well have been talking “knowingly” about Roman gladiators or Aztec priests.  They have no frigging clue about “rednecks”.  I mean – seriously.  Just listen to them.  (OK – you can go back to the videos now, or after you finish reading what I’m about to tell you.)

Anyway, progressives who were born and raised in America usually don’t have much of a clue about conservatives, but these guys?  Ten times as bad.   They have little or no understanding of “rednecks”.

As well we should expect.  Just because Democrats say only whites can be racist and/or ignorant, doesn’t mean it’s true.  People are ignorant, and recent “non-white” immigrants are no exception.  It’s kinda cuddly in a kumbaya way.  We’re all Archie Bunker.

SO – it was not entirely unexpected when one of these guys said something that nevertheless BLEW ME AWAY.  You will hear this when you listen to the video.

He stated – with utter sincerity – that the sorts of “pro-Trump” and “country and western” words and images found in Twitter accounts and tweets just like mine, mean that I am in fact a “Russian bot“, which Twitter employees dutifully filter out.


Listed items that identify these horrible Russian bots?

Guns!  Pro-Trump images!  Pickup trucks!  You know!  Redneck stuff!

Rest assured, dear readers.  I am NOT a Russian bot.  But I am sure as hell shadow-banned in some way or another.  Oh, this was starting to make a LOT of sense.

O’Keefe had a wee bit of fun with this.  It’s actually pretty hilarious to hear this employee state this horribly misguided stuff, so the video plays it several times.

But then I thought about it.  Something bothered me about it.  And then I had a horrible realization.  There were MUCH MORE profound and disturbing implications.


When I first heard what this Indian engineer said, I was instantly brought back to my own time in tech – back when we trained our replacements – but slowly enough that most of us never feared it.  We knew WE would not lose our OWN jobs, but the people who would replace us would be Indians.

You see – THAT was the mistake that too many tech companies made.  They moved fast, and made things obvious.  OUR company didn’t make that mistake.  THEY moved glacially, but with ultimate determination, to replace employees with contractors – mostly foreign – who shut the hell up, did what they were told, and never questioned anything from management.   Which actually explained the “value” of on-site immigrants (but I’m getting ahead of myself).

All of this coincided with the moral destruction of our company – going from a place that seemed to value employee input from the ground up, to a new paradigm where all REAL decisions were top-down, and anything which even APPEARED bottom-up was FAKE.

Anyway, this Indian guy in the video sounded EXACTLY like the people brought in to replace us.  He would believe whatever management told him.  You might ask whether he “really” believed what he was saying, or not.  That’s a moot point.  EFFECTIVELY, he believed it.  It’s like in a dictatorship.  What matters is whether you’re following orders.  Whether you truly believe in those orders is immaterial.

And THAT is when it hit me.


Now – there is a lot to unpack here, but let me list several things this wonderful little slip-up told me.  Some of what I realized was immediate – some clicked over the next 24 hours.  But this was one little mind-blower that kept on giving.

  • Somebody LIED to this guy, telling him that the common signs of Trump supporters were, in fact, evidence that an account was a “fake” one from Russia.  It is almost certain that those lies came in TOP-DOWN.  That’s the only way employees like this get their ideas.  Trust me – that’s the way it is.  I’ve SEEN IT.  He was parroting the party line.
  • The successful and massive shadow-banning of conservatives was explained.  You can’t conspire to do something like block conservatives, using hundreds of employees, and not have it leak.  But if those hundreds of employees think they’re ACTUALLY doing something else – getting rid of Russian political spammers – they may even do it with GUSTO.  THIS is where the critical deception occurred.  And you have to admit – it’s an amazing deception.
  • The inexplicable hatred of Twitter employees for conservatives no longer needed to be explained.  They didn’t actually hate us.  They just thought they were doing a job to control programs that are every bit as annoying as “spam”.  Bots!  Get rid of them!
  • The NEED for the media’s “MUH RUSSIA” narrative was explained – it backed up tech management.  They had to paint Russia as a problem, so that people in social media tech would truly believe there was a problem.  The INTELLIGENCE LIES to the top of social media tech had to be reinforced by a similar media narrative running in the background, working on everybody in tech.
  • Sea Island was explained.  It wasn’t about “gathering ideas” to stop Trump.  It was the EXACT OPPOSITE.  It was PLANTING AN IDEA to stop Trump.  Just convince tech leaders PRIVATELY that Trump’s online support is FAKE and coming from Russia, and if they believe it, that’s it.  They will actually try to REMOVE IT.
  • It is very likely that very convincing FAKE INTELLIGENCE was used to do this – meaning MORE weaponization of intelligence by the Obama administration will be exposed.  I’m thinking BEYOND THE DOSSIER.
  • The nearly universal hatred and even fear held by tech management toward Trump, which I personally observed, is now FULLY explained.  Trump was almost certainly SLANDERED – likely by FAKE INTELLIGENCE – to TURN tech management against him in FEAR.
  • Because FAKE INTEL was used, management could not REVEAL IT.  The beauty of this ploy is STUNNING.
  • Because the FAKE INTEL came from the government, management could not QUESTION IT.

Should I stop now, or should I go on?  Let’s go on.

  • MUH RUSSIA was never about convincing YOU or I about Trump.  It was about influencing the most influential people of all.  The people who control influence.  It was to REINFORCE their private programming.  Again – TOP DOWN.
  • The use of disinformation here is STUNNING.  This is Soviet level.  Not Russian.  SOVIET.  If you don’t know the name “Golitsyn”, you’d better look it up fast.  He talked about this kind of disinformation – this level of deception.  See the most recent stuff from Tablet magazine.  That screams Golitsyn, too.
  • The FIRING of politically astute natives and the HIRING of immigrants as easy chumps for politicization of tech was surely, surely not an afterthought.  That means employment laws and “civil rights” were WEAPONIZED against us.
  • TPP, which was designed to move entire work forces into the US, would have allowed this sort of thing on STEROIDS.
  • Certain weird actions by Mark Zuckerberg now make sense.  He was positioning after he realized he was duped.  Which he can’t really admit to, because…..

OK.  I could keep going on, but I think I need to leave at least a FEW parts of this scandal for others.  But no – don’t worry.  I’m sure there is plenty for everybody.

We KNEW they schmoozed the techies.  But NOW we know how.  FAKE.  RUSSIA.  INTEL.

So let’s summarize.

What I’m saying is that it would appear very likely that the low-quality “MUH RUSSIA” bullshit that we’ve seen in the media, is the penny ante stuff, and not where the BIG SALES went down.  The PRIVATE AUDIENCES were where the REAL damage was done.   KEY INFLUENCE was used to try to bring down Trump.

Big tech, I believe, was SNOOKERED by the Obama administration using some very convincing FAKE INTELLIGENCE to turn the tech giants against Trump.  Part of that was to convince them that online conservatism was actually mostly “Russian bots”.  They truly believed this, it does appear – probably because they wanted to believe it – and the best explanation for that is MORE FAKE INTELLIGENCE.

So – better get some popcorn.   If I’m right – and I think I am – this stuff will eventually come out.


Have a nice day, Hillary.



  1. There is one further step to consider, if most of the techs have been misled into thinking what the danger from Russia is, are they able to detect the real danger from Russia when it occurs, as it certainly will? Because if they are not, it is only a matter of time before this will end badly for the US. Sadly, the only consolation for us, is that the people at THE TOP, responsible for the situation will not end in the winner circle.

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    1. What you are saying is absolutely right. Let’s take an example. How do we know that Hillary’s server was not used to “accidentally” communicate with foreign powers through their probes? Remember – they LOVE to use “accidents”. Indeed, klutzy Obama took it to new levels. So yes – I think there is some trouble. While we have been chasing shadows in the barnyard, a lot of predators have been partying in the henhouse. THAT is where Cankles fears the noose.

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      1. If ‘Big Tech’ (very powerful people) was snookered, then at some stage they will realise that they were duped. I can’t see them taking that lightly.
        There would be very heavy repercussions. The various censorings, shadow bannings etc would end or at least abate and even take a 180 Degree turn. I see no evidence of this as yet.

        The simpler explanation i.e. these Techies are ideological brethren of the Left, therefore they are happy to believe “muh Russia” and happy to censor conservatives, makes more sense.
        Further proof of the simpler explanation is that this censorship is happening Worldwide and has been happening before Trump even won the nomination.
        Anyone deeply involved in the Global Warming Scam had already experienced the Censorship and bannings by big tech long before Trump came along.

        p.s. Indians by and large are socialists and the educated classes (generally) are bigots and racists. They were brought up in their Caste System where the belief that some classes of people are superior to other classes is the norm.
        Anyone who has worked extensively with the educated class of Indian will know exactly what I’m talking about.

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        1. I do have to agree that the masters of tech have become ideological brethren if not TWINS of the non-tech leftists at this point! They seem so well-versed in the mind-rot, that I’m sure they cannot even think outside of it at this point.

          However, I do have a bit of insider information which lets me know that even those who would rather NOT have believed what they were told, in fact did. So predisposed or not, they were sold a bill of goods.

          It’s rather interesting – there is a nice CSPAN video of FBI counterintelligence head Bill Priestap testifying before that horrible Senate Intelligence committee, and one can hear the “Soviet party line” being almost forced upon him by Senator DiFi. Very sad.

          As for the Indians – well, lets just say I’m not one to be casting stones! 😉

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  2. Excellent service to us all, wolfmoon :: passing on to us these insights while still fresh and hot…. ::

    Greetings from the great, undeclared state of Appalachia, backbone of the great American venture!

    I woke this morning with these declarations being made :: Beloved children, you do not understand Me, nor see My ways; but I am the, Unknowable Holy One, who made you and all that you know; I know you, understand you, and love you; be at peace and enjoy the show……

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  3. I am extremely pleased that as I was perusing through the comments on CTH that I decided to click your link and read what you posted.
    Great job and very insightful and easy to explain
    The one area that I might differ with you about is that the heads of these tech companies will end up disliking the Obama regime….they are liberals and eagerly participated in the scheme….maybe not for the right reasons but still eagerly participated and I don’t think they will think poorly of Obama….they are cut from the same cloth.
    I hope I’m wrong and I hope they turn on him but I’m old enough to know that the big fish rarely get caught up in the net….too many soldiers willling to fall on their swords to allow that to happen especially to the first black president.

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    1. Thank you very kindly! 😀

      I think you’re probably right that some, even most (hopefully not all, but I could be wrong) of these folks will stick with Obama to the very end, pleading the Fifth and obstructing wherever possible.

      That’s OK. If even some underlings come clean, we’ll have the truth! 😎

      Thanks again!

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  4. WOW!….just Wow Wolf. Brilliant piece and I am sharing it with every Trumpster that I know. I too noticed that they were mostly foreigners and I also wondered if they understood what they were saying when I watched the videos last week but I didn’t take my thought process any further then that. Loved this article so much.

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    1. Thanks! 😀

      Yes, I was thinking this stuff, and I wanted to make sure that non-geeks really understood how significant this was. I almost lazed out again (I’ve done that two or three times lately), but this time I said NO – this is too important – gotta make a post. O’Keefe found something worth far more than he realized, and I hope that he’s able to pursue it further. I’ve copied him on a number of tweets about this, so I hope his people are aware.

      I have pondered over and over how these companies could become so enslaved to the agenda, and never realized that it was probably a MIRROR of what I observed in mine. Then add to that the fact that we always assumed people in Twitter “knew what they were doing” when they went after conservatives, but that is FAR from the easiest way to pursue a hidden agenda. Knowing in my own company’s case how programmers can be easily manipulated by crafty management to do things completely contrary to their own interests, or even the good of the company, it struck an immediate nerve to see this kind of manipulation of programmers in ANOTHER company. One which has been “playing politics with IT” for years now.


      Today, it’s clear even beyond what I realized when I wrote this, how much bigger the problem actually is. The hoodwinking of our ENTIRE IC was carried out. Sara Carter trying to deploy some last minute BS that “Oh, yeah, the RUSSIANS really fooled poor Cankles” – sorry – that will NEVER fly. We are no longer idiots. Our IC was fooled by the only people who COULD fool it. The very same people who fooled the IC on JFK, on McCarthy, on Watergate, and on damn near everything for the last half century.


      But now Sundance makes the most profound point. Trump is not first. Trump was merely the BIGGEST and most dramatic abuse yet – at least without bullets being involved. The reason they didn’t use cruder means still baffles me. Maybe they just never got anything Kennedyesque to work.

      And I actually have a tip for that. IC resources were ABUSED to keep an eye on the “Trump civil war” problem. “They” (or somebody) was INTENSELY interested in what the popular reaction to a “JFK” event would be – before, during and after the election.

      Was it simply due diligence by a smart IC, preparing for all scenarios? Or was it “research for alternatives” they were interested in? Interesting question. WHO was interested in the question may be very telling.

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      1. We may not ever learn the complete story on this but I remember after 911 when Homeland Security came alive and my spidey senses were really tingling then too. But you are exactly right that PDJT is not the first.

        I believe that it started with Woodrow Wilson, the taking down of a Republic or maybe even before that but his administration was more transparent on what he thought Americe should look like and it has been a slow and steady “progressive” movement and they almost succeeded.

        I am glad that you were motivated to write this piece and I hope it is widely read. Your personal experience gave you an insight that many of us are not privy too. Thanks again.

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        1. You’re welcome! 😀

          It’s difficult for tech insiders to speak out and say what they are seeing, as it subverts the agenda of those in power. If those in power cared about going in the best direction, they would care less about controlling that direction by fiat. Sadly, they want to go where the corrupt progressives are forcing them to go through multiple means. Only one way to do that. Steer a smart machine against its smarter will.

          Interesting thoughts about Wilson there. That sounds a lot like a dupe. The dupes always sell the ideas with their honest facade, and are then followed up by craftier types who bring in the change in sneakier manners once they have a foothold.

          Jimmuh Cahtuh was a prime dupe. I’m sure the left is going to go STRONGLY toward a dupe for the next Presidential candidate. If not Oprah, some dupey clunker like that. They can’t get their scheming sneakers past us now, so they’ll try a lovable dupe.

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  5. I too saw your post on CTH and followed your twitter link then found this site. Great post!

    While reading this the thought came to me that on a much larger scale this bringing in foreign tech workers is akin to bringing in foreign people whether legal or illegally – dilute the voice of the U.S. citizen enough with voices of people simply parroting what they are told to believe, and then the whole country is changed,

    so that only management, the managers of the parroting voices, would then be in control.

    Is it possible that such a long term plan has been unfolding? It would take generations to do, though in Europe they seem to be diluting their civilizational foundations in just one decade.

    Wonderful insights of your post have stirred my imagination; whether these thoughts hold up or not, it’s good to exercise the mind. Thanks!

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    1. Your thoughts will hold up – guaranteed – I agree with them completely. It is a very long-term plan.

      Communism works by adherence to long-term goals which are riddled with error and bad assumptions.

      This whole thing segues all across the spectrum – mass immigration for votes, mass immigration to inundate the system (Cloward-Piven), importing of anti-American ideology too fast in order to overturn American ideology – it’s all part of a much larger plan that worked for Stalin when he simply forced mass migrations (not much different from the moving of Indian tribes – communism reinvents colonialism while decrying it – rather sadly humorous).

      Do whatever it takes to get what you want, no matter how stupid. That’s what they do.

      The commies are all about CHANGE, whether it’s a good idea or not, by methods which can be good ideas or not. They will try every possible bad idea to effect a change before they even bother to examine whether it’s a good change to begin with. They’re a living mistake. A built-in feature, oddly, and one that has to be eternally cleaned up. They praise evolution because they ARE evolution – not because they understand it, or it’s greater purpose or design, since they reject design other than their own.

      Trial by error not just upon error, but before error. Communism in a nutshell. The exponential nature of error.

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    2. Wolfmoon, fellow Treeper here 😊 I’d like to know where net neutrality comes in at on what you’ve discovered? I can’t remember his name (Ajai Pait? – wild guess!) Do you believe he may know any of what you know?

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      1. Trust me – these people are all WAY AHEAD of us. Pai was seeing what was happening LONG before the rest of us. How do I know this? He sounded exactly like me, stuck in my little end of the swamp, watching a lot of bad Orwellian stuff moving around me, and realizing it was part of bigger bad and dumb plans. What happens is warning flares go up which make no sense to outsiders relative to the Fake News Media’s false narrative.

        Net Neutrality is Orwellian. This is the shortest and most accurate way to describe what it IS – which is to say that it is NOT what it purports to be.

        It’s a bit like the “Fairness Doctrine”, Hillary-style “equal pay”, or Eric Holder’s “disparate impact” – it’s BAD MATH, begging the question, and bad theory with hidden presupposition of cause built right into the bad math. It is the presumption that “the internet” both CAN and SHOULD be made “fair” – by a complex method which happens to be opaque and easily abusable. Well, what is fair? It is what SOMEBODY decides is fair, and that somebody is not the public, or anything accountable to the public.

        Net Neutrality is a genius subversion, but it is still a subversion. It is BENEATH a smart populace, and its downfall is one of the absolute best things to happen under Trump.

        Common sense – which is absolutely HATED by these people – works on an interesting property of this universe which only the tip-top of the opposition know, as they try to use their hiding of that knowledge to lord over us. But it is why they continuously push us toward goofy simple and idiot-appealing ideas like “climate change” and “net neutrality” that have weirdly complex and needlessly counter-intuitive fixes – NONE of which make any appeal to common sense. Common sense PROTECTS US from this stuff.

        I repeat.


        Some would say that’s a gift from G_D, and I would have to agree, since it appears to be too smart unless the universe was inherently smart, etc., etc., talk to Descartes.

        In any case, the FOUNDERS were extremely brilliant people, and left a lot of core system principles which we are free to pick up now and use. Total advanced weaponry in the fight against error. It’s like discovering the intended architecture of a brilliant system that was abused and subverted by hacky outsource programmers who didn’t understand or value the system, and only wanted to reach short-term programming goals, failing miserably and leaving everybody with a mess, as they moved on to find new chumps. Once you realize how it was SUPPOSED to work – it’s a merry fix.

        Trump and his people are totally on top of this. I say thanks to G_D every day. EVERY DAY. That is the single most important thing in fixing this mess. Speaking scientifically.

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  6. I’m so glad to see someone who can explain it so eloquently. Some people just have a way with words. For some reason today I’ve been using the word “perception ” quite frequently. It is all about perception.
    Thanks for the post.

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  7. Hey there Wolf, I just watched the latest Veritas video and I went back and reviewed the others and I couldn’t stop thinking about this article that you wrote a few days ago. I am outraged and and alarmed at the same time.

    I desperately want the Kennedy 1965 Immigration Bill to be repealed immediately and get out doors closed till we get this figured out. For sure, and yes I know that I am being extreme, but if I was Queen (haha) all foreigners that have been hired in the last eight years and that are here on visa’s, would be fired immediately and sent home. I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone for sure.

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  8. If the upper echelon of tech were that easy to dupe (Sea Island), a part of their brain is missing. IMO, this is a classic example of a nerd with no common sense.

    It’s a disease which they have the capacity and method to pass on to others. #StoptheMethod.

    It’s the same as an addict who is manipulative to get what they want. Some of us succumb to that manipulation and some of us are too strong and don’t.

    Most of us know the addict is wrong…..

    Thank you for the insight.

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    1. You’re welcome!

      I can tell you this – the tech microcosm of Dilbert (written by political and social savant Scott Adams, who actually understands a lot about Trump) is in fact a wonderful unit cell (repeating pattern) in the tech world. The Pointy-Haired Boss is really a thing, and he really is dubious-devious in the exact same way. Tech is FILLED with under-rated Alices and Ashoks who fill diversity quotas but only get ahead if they go along with lies – otherwise, they are prime material to pad the numbers on firings of old white guys.

      When tech, and business in general, became overly politically conscious, with embedded monitors made up of radicals from different leftist identity groups, it was very obvious that racial and sexual prejudice in business, which IMO was rather small – was quickly replaced with HUGE political prejudice – which ironically created MORE of the old prejudices, or just the appearance of them, as people openly observed that leftist ID group members were getting ahead, and non-leftists were not, but people nevertheless all learned to mouth the words to stay in the system, or shut up in public and whisper behind closed doors.

      That is how we ended up with Google being an internal police state, and classic liberals like James Damore being shown the door.

      What you say about “part of their brain missing” is EXACTLY what PC does, and how it disadvantages the US relative to Russia and China. When people can’t say things, they can’t think things, and a lot of great truths that make business or the public at large smarter cannot be spoken, or eventually thought, if even falsehoods in certain areas cannot be spoken or thought. People stop risking the truths, and a part of social smarts dies away.

      There is another repeating pattern in tech, when Pointy-Haired Boss rises and Honest Alice doesn’t – you get tech leaders like the ones we have, who are not technically knowledgeable, but more likely “buzzword-compliant”, as we used to say.

      Obama was a wonderful “op” against the old tech that used to push back hard on government. Once government was of the same political bent as the PC minions who had risen up in tech (Cook after Jobs – another unit cell pattern), and they had a black POTUS who could not be criticized by the rules of PC, and who was very crafty to never make the bad stuff look like it was coming from him, these people were putty in radical leftist hands. Useful idiots with Ivy League and California elite school degrees.

      What is happening now is that Trump has changed the rules to actually be the rules – rule of law instead of rule by favor. These businesses have resisted adapting, but they are starting to get the message that they were on the right track before, and got seriously sucked into the fakery. Very easy to do the right thing now – they were already doing it before.

      I think in some ways the tech toilet-bowl titans were waiting to see if we would reach a point where the old crew who held a hidden gun against them would be permanently out of power, and we’ve pretty much passed that point. I think that’s why they’re crumbling. Too many people are too wise – the black hats working for the Americommies and the Globo-scum can’t do a JFK without hanging, and they can’t let in a 9/11 without it backfiring. We know “cui bono” points the finger of justice as them, and their Fake News is useless to stop it. Even a Pearl Harbor by the ChiComs can’t help them now, because that turns into total cleanup of the problem – FAR worse for them. They keep trying to bait Trump into mistakes, and that just makes it worse every time. Trump has taken the Trump Effect and more importantly the Trump Boomerang Effect to the WORLD. Justice – not just flowing like a river – flowing like a solar storm.

      Interesting times just met the Trump Boomerang Effect. Be in awe of the lightshow!

      Have a great 2018 – because it will be! 😎

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      1. Hahaha! I was about ready to cut off my nose to spite my face and drop the internet just to spite the geeks and save myself. I can’t leave now and miss the show. You took hope away, but then you gave it back. Thanks!

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  9. Hi, Wolf! Someone linked to your post on CTH today!

    Great write up! I have a question, can’t they tell people’s ISP addresses, though? I thought their claims of Russia bots were just snowing the public.


    1. There are lots of ways to spoof IP addresses, but I think the point is that Silicon Valley management doesn’t want people thinking for themselves – or if they are thinking, they want it to proceed from bogus principles that deliver the anti-Trump goods!


  10. It’s worse: Non-American H1B visa workers are being used to suppress American voices, thus subvert the political process in this country. This is very serious. I noticed it right away when those videos came out, shouted about it over and over on Twitter and tweeted everyone I could think of, but no one responded. You’re the first one I’ve seen to even talk about it. Question is, what do we do about it?

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  11. Wolf – know I’m late to the party, and that this isn’t exactly the right place, but I’ve got to share a creepymoment with you.

    Remember the James Comey tweet about FBI cufflinks on Feb. 3rd? It linked to a photo on his instagram account. In the photo, there appears to be white powder on the table where his hands rest – it was really quite obvious and off putting when I first looked at the photo – like why would anyone post a photo with that sch*t on the table? Within that white powder is the outline of what could be two bottles. Alternatively, if you were so inclined – they could look like the outline of a woman’s breasts. Also suspicious to me at the time was the prevalence of his wedding ring in the photo.

    Feb 13 is when Laura was hospitalized. In their clowndom I think that his photo/tweet was a coded message.


  12. I am a treeper too, reading more than I post for sure, but always my 1st news source. So glad to have found your blog, as you are one of my favorites on CTH, and recently on Twitter, although I only view there; refuse to sign up, again. Also follow you on Gab, which I am liking more.
    This is a great article, with so much info, and will definitely share on FB, Gab, and send to some friends who might be interested in working with you to either write for them, or use what you write, definitely with the credit to you: American Digital News, fairly new, and Decisive Liberty.
    Now to go back and start reading all of what I have been missing. TY for all you do!

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    1. You’re welcome! And thank you!!!

      People are free to repost my stuff anywhere as long as it’s linked back. Very happy to see some interest!

      I may not be on Twitter much longer. I know they want me off, but are worried about how to do it, because they want the intel, and they’re trying limit my influence while studying and spying. Mixed bag, like so many conservatives. If we get a big wave to Gab, though, I’m gone.


  13. Wolfie, I expect some of the Tech Giants, particularly Gates, possibly Zuckerberg, Bezos and a few others, are true hard core left/progressive/marxist believers.

    Gates’ father was president of Planned Parenthood – hard core left without any sacred value for human life, no knowledge or fear of God, no respect for God’s Commandments and Scripture.

    As we have seen in and amongst the Parkland FL group, some of the actors were agency people, some were possibly involved in paid surrogate parent adoptions and maybe in vitro implantations, etc. Some of the kids are connected to Equality FL which is hosting the gun control campaign. There are likely tentacles to S0r0s and the DNC/Obama/Clintons/Podesta, etc. It’s really creepy.

    You start speaking out against the alphabet cabal and they get vengeful, vile and violent in short order. They are aggressive and will shut you down BAMN. I know because I have been observing their Alinsky tactics and speaking out for 15+ years.

    Our wonderful courageous President made a point to speak out against human trafficking today in California.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. One of the things I learned to do quickly, when “they” leaned on me after my first big post about Silicon Valley censorship, was to push back hard and turn THEIR ATTACKS into new weapons against them. When people realize that these people and their communist embeds are NOT cuddly soft feminist beta boys, but nasty dirty Zeta types, pushing the sob-story human shields in front like decoys – THAT’S when people see where censorship REALLY leads. United States of MEXICO.

      They’re already using “wet hoaxes”. Things are going to get very ugly if THE STORM doesn’t wash away the corruption.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Whoa. You’re not kidding.

    Not going to speculate now, but they mention (1) FBI knew and may or may not have done something, and (2) there was a SCHOOL DISTRICT POLICE. Bad sign. Promise Program, I’ll bet.


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