Trump – The Information Trust-Buster

All confusion about Donald J. Trump – businessman, candidate, and president – can be removed by understanding a single point.  Trump was the first person to intuitively understand that INFORMATION TRUSTS were not only possible, but a cancer on this world.

One can view Trump as God’s chosen one to battle these trusts, or as a smarter evolutionary survivor who realized they were the dinosaurs holding him, America, and even the world back.  Either way, you get to the same result.  Trump’s understanding of what the problem is, and how to beat it, leads us to this exact moment in time.

Only a few people – like Steve Bannon – truly understood the planet-changing import of what I just said.  So let’s start from the beginning.



Information isn’t just important – it’s MORE important than almost anything physical.  If you’re young and wired, you get that.  If you’re really old, and I explained that information means things like THE WORD – the ink carrying life from the spiritual to the physical – then you get it, too.  In between – well, maybe you’re not so sure it’s THAT important.

Hold this thought of youngsters and oldsters in mind, dear readers.

Whatever your case, I’ve got an interesting proposition.  It follows from a little-known fact, and it will tell you just HOW important information is.



If you read the Ph.D. dissertation of one Hugh Everett – the guy whose “many-worlds” interpretation of quantum mechanics (think the TV show “Sliders“) remains one of the world’s most fascinating theoretical enigmas – then you will discover something extremely curious.

To this genius Everett, the mind-bending idea of “many worlds” wasn’t the most interesting thing he found in his research.  What he discovered – that blew HIS mind – was that the vaunted, nearly incomprehensible “uncertainty principle” was actually derivable from ANOTHER uncertainty principle that dealt not with physics, but with information.

Let me put that another way.  He found that something incredibly important about our physical universe, falls almost directly out of something less about this universe, and more about mathematics itself.  Indeed, this observation forces us to ask an even more mind-bending question.  Does EVERYTHING just fall out of math, via information?  Well, if you look at a lot of theoretical physics research right now, decades later, people are very interested in exactly that question.

We’re not here to answer it.  But now you understand how deeply important information actually is – why it TRUMPS so much else in this universe.

We can now discuss how important freedom of information has become – how it is even more important than our physical freedoms – and why putting it fully back into the hands of the People is one of the most important things that any of us may ever help happen.



The Gibbs free energy equation – a critical one in chemistry and physics – relates the possibility of things to actually happen, to two quantities – energy and entropy.  The first one – energy – is something we’re all very familiar with, and most of us kinda get.  The second – entropy – is more mysterious, but it is fully equivalent* to information.  And it is also, in some interesting ways, a bit of what the new-age hippie lady is talking about when SHE says “energy”.

  • I was rather fortunate to have been schooled on entropy by a liberal arts extremist, who believed in the full fundamental equivalence of all forms of entropy – physical, biological, mathematical, and informational.  You may not find this view favorably treated on Wikipedia, even though I have always considered it one of the beauties which actually got me fully into science.  I would thus suggest that Bannon look to helping “make Wikipedia great again”, as part of keeping information free.  The enthralling bits of science are looking a bit sad on good Wiki, and methinks that change – like the political chaos there – is not an accident, but an intended cultural degradation.  Yes, science has a culture, and it is manipulable by cultural Marxism.

What the equation says, very simply, is that when things release energy and/or become less orderly, they tend to happen.  Even more simply, it says that energy and information are both extremely important if you want to do anything.  And that, of course, makes a lot of sense.

As a fan of Frank Herbert’s science fiction masterpiece Dune, and particularly the David Lynch movie version, I’m aware of how this equation and its geopolitical reality is illustrated to humanity through a mysterious and beautiful average of the ideas of energy and entropy – the macguffin substance known as spice.  Whether you are British and Germans fighting over Middle-Eastern oil, or Americans, Russians and Chinese fighting over corporate intellectual property, you are quite literally fighting over spice, because it does, indeed, control the universe, and that includes our little piece of it.

I think, at this point, some of you see where I’m going.  Like geopolitics, domestic politics also depends on information, and the control thereof controls the outcome of the politics – whether something happens or doesn’t happen.

Let us now be clear.

The reason you are saying “President Trump”, and not “President Clinton”, is because one very smart man, a bunch of extremely nerdy kids, and a generation of wise old religious people – all of whom truly understood the importance of information – teamed up against people who didn’t, and stole the election.

It was not the Russians.  It was never the Russians.  In fact, the Russian trolls (who were barely doing anything at all, compared to Hillary’s trolls) seemed to back off, once somebody (presumably Putin, who is very smart) figured out what was happening.  I have no idea why.  You’ll have to ask him.

Why did we do it?  Why did we steal the election?  Why did we steal it from Hillary, the media, Silicon Valley, the UniParty, and the Deep State – all of which wanted Hillary to win?

We stole the election, so that we could save freedom of information from those who have no clue how important it is.  And now, it’s time for all of us to finish the job.

Doge loves you, despite the fact that you may be horrified by the idea that frog-meme kids and prayer-circle grannies with computers stole the election in His name – be that name G_d, Jesus or Kek.


There are two main areas afflicted with the problem of information trust in America.  One is the rapidly coalescing yet degenerating media.  The other is the rapidly self-isolating social media.   Both of these sectors, in terms of their information, are running into the same sorts of power and control issues that plagued corporations, in terms of their finance, in the days of Teddy Roosevelt.  You know – the “trust-buster”.  A man who, not accidentally (INFORMATION), is often compared to Donald Trump.  Or vice versa.

How one defines an actual trust in the information world, is just as open a question as how one defines a trust in the corporate world.  It simply is what you define it as.  But if you really want to understand the problem, then make as many definitions as you need, to see and tease apart the problem.  I am going to keep it general.  You work out the details.

Let’s start with social media, because I’m more familiar with that sector.

Remember this sobering fact.  Only one person at this table has any clue who Frank Marshall Davis was, or why he’s important.  ONE PERSON.  Obama.  Absolutely frightening.  And this is why we stole the election from them.  The average blue-collar beer-drinker on THESE people’s social media products, despite THEIR best efforts to keep him or her politically ignorant, actually understood thousands of times more significant political information than THESE people did.

It wasn’t until recently that I understood exactly WHY my former tech employer hated Donald J. Trump, and feared our mere handful of Trump enthusiasts like we were serial killers, but now I get it.

My old employer is an information monopoly.  I won’t tell you which one, but there are a lot of them – trust me.  These are companies which dominate information in some sector, and if you want to play, you pay.  You don’t have a lot of choice.  Typically, the other choices are few, bad, and not exactly what you wanted.

I now see that our corporate leadership had reason to be scared.  There was only one candidate who threatened to rock the boat, and their gravy train riding thereupon – Trump.

But in what is surely the grandest of ironies, this –

Had the information trusts of the media and social media not fought Trump, but instead accepted him gladly, what’s about to happen to them would never have happened.  They would NOT have exposed their information monopolies, or worse still, antagonized the American public by using those monopolies against us.  Trump would simply be making America great, and their monopolies would remain unchallenged.  Utterly unchallenged.

Oh, well.  So it goes.  I guess it had to happen this way for other reasons.


Despite the fact that nobody in our company was going to vote for Trump, except for a few brave souls who said they would, Trump beat Hillary by over 10% in our state.  And I’m pretty sure that most of the people in our company voted.  So I’m FAIRLY certain that the corporate people who feared Trump, knew that they were up against some kind of silent rebellion, and they needed for there to be, not just LITTLE visible support for Trump, but far, far better NONE AT ALL.

Now – looking back – it all makes sense.



As the election moved forward, Trump treated us not only to the Trump Effect, where he would resonantly echo confirmation bias wins into the future, but also the Trump Boomerang Effect, where all efforts to stop him boomeranged with alarming magnification, further contributing to the Trump Effect.  If HE tried, he won.  If THEY tried, he won.

I must admit to having experienced immense schadenfreude in witnessing the Trump Boomerang Effect.  To watch people throw things at Trump, and be knocked senseless by those very things, was to see a form of justice rarely experienced in life.  I don’t think there is a perfect and precise Yiddish word for it, but there really should be.

As part of these processes, WE, the Trump supporters, got to observe an enormous amount of information evolution.  We saw it change.  We saw it morph.  Flip.  Vanish.  Connect.  Reappear.  Change.  Make sense.  Stop making sense.   Become enigmatic.  And to keep up with it all, we had to (1) bypass the legacy media, which ignored or countered much of the information we needed, and (2) battle with the social media, which both attempted to silence us, and openly assisted the forces favoring Hillary Clinton.

But we didn’t just observe information and its change – we worked for THE TRUTH.  HARD.  We worked to get the REAL story, to make sense of it, and to pass it on.  In short, we became citizen journalists.  All following the example of Citizen Trump.

Interestingly, we did not realize at the time, that the old journalists – or at least many of them – were professionally dying.  It was only AFTER the election, when the enraged journalist culture turned on Trump and his supporters – failing in the most glorious example yet of the Trump Boomerang Effect – Fake News – that we understood the sobering reality.


We were alone.  All alone.  WE were all that was left.  WE were now both the final editors and the final judges of journalism.  The old journalism and its supporting class of political activists and Deep State allies were reduced to pelting us with disinformation, as their final dying assault, to make US as bad as THEY had become.


However, in what is now the most evil assault on Truth since the propagandizing lies of the Chinese communists bellowed after the murders at Tiananmen Square, American social media, including nearly all of Silicon Valley, has ridden to the rescue of the dying Fake News Media.

Yes, Silicon Valley.  My bells toll for you.



The Fake News Media has nothing on the Fake Social Media.  I have tried to list and report the information crimes of these people, hilariously using their previously untainted products, but obviously to little or no avail.  Even our tweets to each other on Twitter are now suppressed and shadow-banned, and all sorts of digital lies are “accidentally” told by convenient “feature bugs” which were not there before.  They fix, and the fix is always a fix of the fight.  And believe me – I know how that works.  From the inside.

Talk to Scott Adams, Mike Cernovich, Katica, Andrew Torba, or any of the techno-libertarian or wired conservative voices on Twitter, and you will hear the same litany of stories about how we are suppressed.  Many of us are geeks, developers, and code-monkeys, so we can almost tell you immediately what is being done, and how we are being mathematically gamed by the political czars at Twitter.

Indeed, my very first tech post on this blog was about how Twitter games their sign-up process to scrooch people leftward.  I found it remarkable at the time.  Now?  I’m so jaded, I don’t care about such obvious and easily defeated schemes.  It is the more cunning, evil, and unbeatable house fixes which now concern me.  Those actually speak to some of the most important principles of information.

For instance, let me describe one glaring new “bug”.  This may take a bit, because the WHY of the bug is fascinating.


There is one person that Twitter and Hillary’s people really, really hate.  THAT would be Mike Cernovich.  “Cerno” is a wonderful guy, in my cad-loving opinion, because he risks being wrong some of the time, to be stunningly right more often.  He actually advances journalism against some of the most terrible opposition I’ve ever seen.  He now gets the scoops, because sources trust him.  And he gets so much flak from Hillary and her allies, that you KNOW he is over the target.

One of Cernovich’s inconvenient interests was Hillary’s Health.  And that’s where I come into the story.

As one of the people who wanted to REALLY know what was wrong with Hillary Clinton, I followed the “Hillary Health” question with the same level of interest that I once used to get a deep understanding of molecular magnetism.  I’m quite familiar with what is needed to self-generate expertise, and to horn my way into somebody else’s field of study.  All one needs is a certain self-sustaining curiosity, and if you reach it, learning a new field becomes a very predictably successful objective.

The first thing I will tell you is that Hillary Clinton did everything she could to hide her true medical status.  But much more shocking than that rather expectedly Clintonian behavior, was the fact that the Fake News Media showed absolutely no interest in getting the real story.  If anything should tell you that the MSM news media is fake, that should be it right there.  There was, is, and will be NO desire to get the real story on Hillary’s health.  NONE.

Although – fascinatingly – the media was VERY interested in (1) interviewing Cernovich about his work, particularly his contention that Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s disease, (2) setting him up [great story there] to paint him as a purveyor of “fake news”, and (3) backfiring so spectacularly, that they actually made the entire nation aware of the fact that the mainstream media had studiously avoided looking at Hillary’s health, simply believing her without question.

OK.  They weren’t so interested in the third part.  But it never occurred to them that it might happen.


As a student of many things, I can tell you – relative to most subjects, where one has to really work for the new stuff, there was a gold mine of undiscovered but easily uncovered information about #HillaryHealth, just lying on the ground, waiting to be found and reported.  And I’m not talking about the left-generated disinformation.  That stuff was easy to sort out and throw away.

Long story short, I agree completely with Mike Cernovich.   Based on the outstanding work of Dr. Ted Noel, and the hundreds of researchers who grouped around him in cyberspace, Hillary almost certainly has some form of Parkinsonism, which she and those around her have chosen to not just hide from the public, but actively omit from reports of her “clean bill of health”.

Now – why is this important?  As far as I can tell, #HillaryHealth is the critical item for which both the Fake News Media and the Fake Social Media have gone after Cernovich, not only with their malevolent backfiring interview, but also with Democrat trolls who pester him in cyberspace, and JV Deep Staters who harass him in real life.

Parkinsons is what you might call a showstopper for Hillary Clinton in 2020 – and trust me – she has her eyes on 2020.  You don’t get Jews to call in antisemitic threats to Jewish community centers, to maintain control of the DNC against the Muslim opponent, unless you REALLY want your operative running the DNC from 2017 to 2020.

Hillary is planning on getting into the White House one way or the other – trust me.

So – how does Twitter figure into this, other than allegedly taking orders from Hillary to punish Matt Lauer for asking her unapproved questions?

It is what Twitter does, when nobody is looking.

I can’t see Cernovich.  He is being shadowbanned.  This is actually a proven fact, not only from whistleblowers, but because page 1 of Twitter’s “approved shadowbanning list” leaked, and Cerno was on it.  I know I’m on it, too, but I’m probably down around the end, which is page 82, apparently.

What is interesting is how they do it.  Let me explain.

I follow many people, but I retweet, like, reply to, and converse around Cernovich tweets more than most.  Or, at least, I used to.  Now, I see only a tiny fraction of Cernovich’s tweets.  Some days, I see NONE.

Eventually, I figured out what they are doing.  They are undermining their normal algorithm for telling people “Hey, you might be interested in this”.  Instead, they are saying “Look!  Squirrel posted!  Let’s go see what Squirrel had to say!”  And it turns out, nobody cares about Squirrel, much like they don’t care about Wolf Moon.  Now if it’s Transgendered Squirrel, I’ll see even more of HIS/HER posts.  But not Cernovich.  Nope.

They prioritize my viewed tweets in such a way that “troublesome” people like Cernovich are hidden.  Those people never get in line ahead of “normal” people.

Now – here is some REALLY nasty stuff.  THIS is the kicker.

Sometimes Wolf Moon sees what Twitter looks like from other people’s Twitter accounts.  People whose lists of follows are a lot like Wolf Moon, but there is one big difference.  Those people are not “unauthorized experts” on Hillary’s health, like Wolf Moon or Cernovich.

Those people don’t just see Cernovich tweets – they get emails and notifications that say “HEY SISTER – COME LOOK AT CERNOVICH!!! HOT STUFF TODAY!!!”  They don’t see Squirrel’s tweets.  No, no, no.  They see lots and lots of Cernovich.

Why?  Exactly.  That’s the question.  Why?

Because it won’t change anything.  No “click”.  No “two plus two equals OMG!”  No journalism will happen.  No investigation.  No progress on #HillaryHealth.

And this, most importantly.  Whether it was implemented by sins of commission, or sins of omission, it was implemented.  I can assure you.  It was implemented with INTENTION.

You can do almost anything with enough math, or more cunningly, with enough other math.  It’s truly beautiful.

Pretty brilliant, isn’t it?  They even get nice statistics that say they’re only blocking Cernovich a little.  But on the showstopper for Hillary, they’ve intentionally blinded the risky guy – ME.

Why do they block Scott Adams from me?  Similar, but in this case, they’re protecting Twitter itself.  Scott Adams is one of my favorite tweeters, but I rarely see him any more, and often only see him when he is RETWEETED by others.  What did he do, if not Hillary Health?  (Maybe Hillary violence, which Scott did get SERIOUSLY shadowbanned for, by the way.)

Turns out that Scott Adams likes to investigate how Twitter sabotages people, just like I do.  He even had a conversation (kinda) with the Twitter bigs about it.  So because he is a pest to them, on something I’m also pesky about, I typically don’t see his stuff any more.  Likewise, I no longer see certain others who started to find that subject interesting.

Notice how TIME rats them out.  Yeah.  Although one has to watch very, very carefully.   Twitter changes their code without announcement.  Keep your eyes open.

So, there you have it.  It seems that shadowbanning is getting smarter all the time.  Whether its using advanced algorithms, AI, or both, it’s very smart now, and acting like a malicious moderator with an agenda.  Because that is exactly what it is.

Do I believe Twitter’s statements that it doesn’t shadowban?  No.  Not for a second.


Now – if it was just Twitter, we wouldn’t have an industry-wide problem in Silicon Valley.  But the fact is, both Facebook and Google are big problems, too.  YUGE problems, to use the Trumpism.  And the same with the rest.  Trouble.

Google is the one I want to talk about.  Thankfully, they have just made the final case for INFORMATION ANTI-TRUST.  Thanks to Google, there is going to be a demand for search engine regulation, that may get me killed, or the industry regulated, or both.  We’ll just have to see how it all shakes out.


Example 1 – Google raising anti-Trump headlines consistently over more factual research.


Example 2 – Generating Anti-Trump page with no Trump cues at all


Example 3 – Fake News Softballs to Snopes – Google’s Biased “Fact-Checker”


Example 4 – Google’s “Featured Snippet” – a Great Opportunity to Propagandize


Example 5 – Using the Featured Snippet to Propagandize (Note Neutral Search Terms)


Google has become HISTORY ITSELF for many people.  We are now dependent on it.  It’s like our memory.  We don’t remember where we put it – we remember how we found it.  And after decades of Google’s reliability, people have become dependent on FINDING things they know are there.

Well, all that has CHANGED now.  And it has changed in a BAD way that is extremely politically motivated.  Google has decided to very intentionally forget the things that it’s political opponents want to remember.

Back in early 2013, I detected that Google had found, announced, and then hidden some of my bloggings.  I immediately posted and cross-posted about it, and they immediately “un-hid” my stuff.  Yeah.  That was nasty.  That kind of behavior did not reappear until Trump.  But when it did, it reappeared on steroids.

During the 2016 election, I discovered that memes I knew were there, were disappearing.  Things I had found once, were disappearing when I went to look for them a second time.  And then I noticed something really disturbing – political reversal.  If I went to look for a meme critical of a candidate, using obvious terms, I would instead get memes countering my intent – either for the other candidate, or against mine.

Google search was ARGUING WITH ME.

This was all part and parcel of Google’s assistance to Hillary during the election.  People well remember how autocomplete was tampered with, to remove negatives about Hillary but not Trump.  Various proofs of Google doing this were published, and Google never really denied it, probably because it was so glaringly obvious, but perhaps also because of this leak.

So, more and more Google encroached on us.  Well, at least they still hadn’t gone back to hiding MY stuff.


You see, one of the best ways to find old Twitter postings USED to be Google.  I would type in my search terms and the site of my account on Twitter, and voila!  A link right to my tweet.  Well, this no longer works.  I would say that it no longer works reliably, but it works so rarely now, I don’t even try.  And then I tried to bring it “all” back – ALL my tweets.


In fact, VERY few of my thousands of tweets are still recoverable in Google.  It’s as if my Twitter account, on which I wrote some of my best thoughts and one-liners, was never even there.

History.  They are changing the past, to change the future.

Because THAT is what communists – socialists – or whatever in the hell they are – do.

Google is also gaming normal search results.  They are politically tilting things.  As I’ve discussed previously, regarding Snopes, Google is putting Snopes argumentation at the top of any search they don’t like.  And now – NOW they are also gaming the results below that.  Things you want to find are not coming back, because Google thinks you need something else.

Don’t lie to us, Google.  We remember.  We remember what was there.  We remember what you are now hiding from us.


Theoretically, one could go somewhere else.  The problem is, “somewhere else” is one of several very cynical possibilities.

(1)  It is Bing, which is now just as “politically correct” as Google (remember “MS-NBC”?)

(2)  It is a product derived from information from Google, such as StartPage or DuckDuckGo. [DuckDuckGo has informed me that they are now getting their data ELSEWHERE, including Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex.]

(3)  It is a product from a country like Russia (Yandex) or China (Baidu)

No – none of these options is really satisfactory.  What we would REALLY like is Google, back when its motto was “Don’t be evil”, and not whatever Orwellian thing it is now.

And THAT is where Donald J. Trump, INFORMATION TRUST-BUSTER, comes into play.


One possibility which probably solves the problem, is to compel Google to provide its “maximal data store” to other vendors.  Thus, DuckDuckGo could be provided with everything from BEFORE Google censors the information.  That way, we can still get what amounts to old Google before they started lying to us.

We’re not asking for Google to change.  Just to give us the data they collected, and let US decide what should be kept, and what should be thrown out.  THAT will pretty much solve that problem.

Obviously Google is not going to like this.  They will probably cheat.  They will probably lie.  And – once compelled to provide the information, they will probably slow-walk and create problems for downstream users.

Hello, Judicial Watch.  Hello, ACLJ.  Hello, make their life hell.  Certainly glad we didn’t kill all the lawyers.


So what about the Fake News Media, and especially the Very Fake News Media?  What is INFORMATION ANTI-TRUST going to do about them?

I think that’s an interesting question.  I think we probably have to take the same approach.  The real danger is the same – INFORMATION HIDING.  We have to do something about that.  Very much.  Stuff that is getting spiked now, needs to not be spiked.  If a journalist believes in their work, I think they have a right to make it available to other organizations who DON’T want to suppress a story.

We also need journalist freedom – freedoms that prevent journalists from being sabotaged by their own organizations.  We need freedom from editorial influence, probably by the above method.  If the editors don’t accept an article into a publication, it automatically goes out to some syndicator of the journalist’s choice.

One more thing.  Do we need punishment for actual “fake news”?

I think that satire, disinformation, and maliciously intended “obvious” falsehoods need to be labeled to protect them (as well as the victims), and that stuff intended to deceive its way to fake news status needs some kind of whack on the back end.   That is a fine line, but I think action is possible there.  Not too much.  Nothing that interferes with freedom of information.  Because THAT is the key.  FREEDOM.

So yes.  We have to work on INFORMATION TRUSTS which seek monopoly and then control of information.  We have to FREE information, past these very intentional bottlenecks.

Oh.  And this.  We need punishment for the commies, if they ever try this again.  Build it in.  They will try, and they need to cool their Obama, Clinton and Holder asses in jail.  Maybe even their Eric Schmidt asses.  Although I think he’s probably not as determined as the commies he’s helped.


The future is going to be fun.  And INFORMATION is going to get some really, really good care – by people who actually care about it.

Justice is coming.  And hopefully soon.  2018 is almost here.  We need action NOW.

Information is going to be free.  Free as in the British sailing home.



Violent AntiFa (JV commie) thug getting a wedgie from Trump supporters.  Note his weapon on the ground, not noted in prior postings.  Making this article an actual example of what I’m talking about.  Free and unimpeded retransmission of information builds greater human intelligence, not stupider and more manipulable sheeple.  Make the World Smart Again, Starting With America.


  1. EXCELLENT! So glad I elected to follow you on WordPress and SO GLAD you’re a supporter of MAGA! Wolf, this reads like REAL journalism but I know of only a few organizations that would recognize the value you’re bringing with this. What I’m saying is that I wish you could be paid what this expose’ is worth. And I LOVE the depiction of Pepe as a “… 3rd stage Guild Navigator”. LOL!

    Just the other day, someone over on CTH inspired me to think that our Lion is preparing to make the MSM irrelevant, just as he made OPEC irrelevant. I would LOVE to be allowed to watch that happen – even if the process takes some time. But who knows? Maybe our Lion has a flask of the water-of-Life waiting somewhere above a pre-spice mass. We Fremen fully understand that our Muad’Dib will do what he says he will do. Because he IS the Kwisatz Haderach!

    The Spice must flow.


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    1. YW! 😀 Glad you enjoyed it!

      Love your metaphors there! I am so glad that Bannon is working for Trump. I had been thinking about some of this stuff (information as utilities), but when I heard Bannon was actually thinking about it, I realized that the gas-resale model solved the censorship bug in the search sector. THAT was really exciting.
      We really do have a shot at fixing both the media and Silicon Valley.

      Not sure about dealing with Twitter’s censorship, but one possibility is requiring either user-settable influence controls, OR open APIs so that other companies can create front-ends to Twitter using required uncensored data export, to give users control via THEIR software. Again, a work-around for censorship. Put the power back in the hand of the individual, if companies refuse to provide it.

      Hell yes – the Spice must flow! 😎

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  2. Awesome article Wolfmoon!

    I was taught in Nuke Power School that entropy was the relative measure of the randomness of a system.

    Information like yours is precious. As precious as Spice IMHO.

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    1. Thanks!!! 😀

      Yes – randomness is an excellent way to think about it – that’s often part of the drill in chemistry and physics classes, or at least back in my day.

      I was also lucky to have a professor who loved the way the concept travels seamlessly to biology, where it starts translating to genetics, life, then messages, codes, permutations, mathematics, and at that point, my mind was blown – everything from thermodynamics and engines to life to pure numbers, and I was hooked on it forever!

      Very cool about nuclear, too – I may do some searches later! Will I use Google? Hmmmm…. 😉

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      1. Ah Google, methinks Google has gone to the dark side. I look at Google News and have to laugh. The bias against our God Emperor is bald-faced. Twitter is another shame. Keep up the good fight Wolfmoon!

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        1. Thanks, and WILL DO!

          Apple News is another one – they might as well call it “Anti-Trump News”! I turn it off at every opportunity.

          And here is a note to all Apple users who are tired of anti-Trump “news” arriving in their mailbox – just UNSUBSCRIBE to Apple New emails. It’s very easy, and then they only come at you in a few other ways. To unsubscribe, go to the bottom of one of their emails, click the Unsubscribe link, and in the web page that comes up, deselect the checkbox for receiving Apple News. You can still keep the box for receiving technical notices (although I imagine they’ll try to propagandize through it at some point). Then just save your choices.

          I agree – the bias against Trump is breathtaking. And it looks like they finally pushed America into fixing things, so we don’t have to listen to their leftist lecturing.

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  3. Great article, Woolfie. I mentioned it on TCTH, on the thread about the State Department hating Tillerson, but I didn’t know how to provide a link to your article. Now I see I can copy and paste, just like for any other link. I’ll go do it.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. You know, I think that “President Bannon” (as they attacked him mercilessly earlier) would much prefer to just quietly continue bouncing ideas back and forth with Trump, and keeping track of the “People’s MAGA Agenda” on his whiteboard, rather than being out in the public view. In fact, I tend to think that his instant fame was a typical leftist, communized media assault, designed to take him out. To show you how cynical the other side was in doing so, they even pulled out the “fake antisemitism” card, trying to convince us there was a fight between Bannon and Jared/Ivanka, just to try to get rid of Bannon.

          SO – you can imagine my shouts of joy when the Bannon whiteboard picture emerged with the old WND conservative columnist, Rabbi Schmuley Boteach!

          That was the absolute most hilarious moment of the whole thing – just undercutting every false narrative the left had tried to shoehorn into their assault on Bannon.

          But back up. That media assault on Bannon was early, it was horrific, and it left no hold barred. Why? Why did it happen so fast and so hard?

          My feeling is that whoever wanted it done, leaked info on Bannon’s very early ideas to the media as an “incentive”. I’ll bet there was some item (very Breitbartian) about liberating us from fake news, and social media from the PC mind controllers, both of which are huge assaults on the CIA’s post-Obama mission to “fundamentally change Americans”.

          SO – tip them off to the possibility of push-back, and suddenly THEY are fully on Team Obama. And I will bet THAT part happened at Sea Island. I suspect that Deep State operatives scared the bejeezus out of media and social media types regarding Trump, and basically said (this is how dumb and manipulable they are) “you are going to be accused of committing crimes against the people, so go ahead and commit those crimes to prevent the accusation later.” Ummm – yeah. So what we saw was MORE fake news and MORE censorship – to try to prevent there from being accusations of it later. “YOUR MUST ELECT HILLARY! IT’S YOUR ONLY CHANCE!”

          I know we’re not supposed to say “idiots!”, but really – IDIOTS!!! 😀

          Anyway, you are right. Bannon is our ace in the hole, and I don’t think he’s going anyplace other than putting checkmarks on his whiteboard!!! But we do need to support when they decide at some point to go after him again. Which they will, I’m sure.

          As for myself – I expect my censorship levels to go through the roof very soon, for exactly the reason you say – I’m the “lone wolf” on this. But also one other thing.

          Right now they (or some new variant thereof) are trying BIGLY to gather information to construct a plausible “doxxing” scenario that covers up their having already known exactly who I am for YEARS – to having been intently watching me and my stuff (of course by questionable means, which I don’t particularly care about, but they do seem embarrassed) for all this time – and that I know they know. They need there to be some legitimate reason to have all their knowledge on hand – I guess some kind of extreme parallel construction. BAD BOYS. (And girls.) Really! BE-HAVE!

          Really, I don’t bite – I just have a terrible love of freedom, like all of us T-shirt power animals!

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          1. Today there are several Bannon Tweets. I don’t recall him Tweeting in the past, so I wonder what inspired him now. Hopefully he and the new COS can make good music together.

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            1. Interesting. He may have been paying attention to Trump’s recent tweet about his staying on social media, and that only his enemies and the fake news want him off. THAT was a tipping point to me. I’ll go take a look!


  4. It’s time to impose common carrier status on Google and social media, just like the phone companies. Phone companies are not allowed to manipulate customers’ conversations, texts, etc.

    Either Google, Youtube, and other social media can be hosting platforms or content providers, but not both.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Interesting way to break things up. Definitely think that needs to be on the table, too.

      My particular interest is in preserving an archival system for the people – absolutely free of censorship (or as close to it as legally possible), that does not try to TELL us what to think, and if possible allows US to dictate how we are interacted with.

      Other questions of deregulation are less material to me, so I think THAT is where other people’s expertise comes in. We have never dealt with monopolies like this before. They will be a completely new thing to regulate. But I do think that we can borrow from what we know, and what you are suggesting is an excellent starting point!!! The part about phone companies not being able to manipulate is really, really good.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks – very much appreciated! 😎

      Wow – what a great video! Excellent content, and a real eye-opener on YouTube’s scuzzy behavior.

      Oh – just for those who concern themselves with these things – I have noticed, after advocating for Bannon’s “liberation” of social media, that opening YouTube in any tab leads to quite a bit of interesting slowness in my “privacy” browser, which I never saw before.

      J U S T _ S A Y I N ‘ . . . . .

      (hi progzis!)

      Again – thanks! 😀


        1. Yeah – we need a competitor to YouTube FAST. I believe that Bill Mitchell is moving to Vimeo, and I know that Gab TV just went live, too. Andrew Torba of Gab is a hardcore free speech Deplorable. Wish people would send their business his way.

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          1. I’m am really turned off with youtube. If I can possibly avoid it, I will never click on another youtube video. This censorship is unacceptable.

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  5. Excellent article!!! Please, though, reconsider saying that President Trump “stole” the election. I get what you are saying, but that phrase is used by leftists and we don’t want to be reinforcing that idea.
    President Trump WON the election through smarts and hard work.

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